scn0006I went thrifting this weekend and lucked upon a real find.  A collection of patterns from the 1950’s.  There were adult patterns, children’s patters and also an apron pattern.  All of the pattern pieces were in the envelopes.  They appeared to be very gently used and well cared for. 

scn0007  scn0008

I love graphics from the 50’s and 60’s so this was a real score for me!  I found them at Moments in Time a new consignment shop in the Lakeside section of Richmond.  It is packed with treasures so make sure if you’re in the area you check it out!

DSC01166I also happened upon some old plastic bangles.  I wear a bracelet every day and am always on the lookout for bangles as I like them.  The ones that I found were pretty banged up and I had seen a tutorial somewhere to dress them up using ribbons.  Into my ribbon stash I go…

I applied some Alene’s super tacky craft glue to the end of the ribbon and sealed it to the bangle them held it in place while I wrapped a loop or two of ribbon around it.  I then encircled the entire bracelet and then placed more tacky glue on the end to finish it.  It took about a yard of ribbon per bracelet. 

So next time you find some ugly bangles, buy them!  You can always use your ribbon stash to dress them up a bit.

Hope the week has started well for you!