DSC01157 They are certainly charms, but are they magically delicious?  No.  They have delicious images, but you can’t eat them. 

They were created using the mini dominos (.75″ X 1.25″).  I had to use my computer to resize the images to the domino size.  I was thrilled that they came out so well.  I have had issues with the ink smearing when I coat them, but Jo told me to be sure to let them get good and dry after printing them.  I now let them sit overnight. 

Thanks for the help, Jo!

DSC01158 DSC01160

Some of these are for a 1:1 swap with my Mermaid Dotee recipient.  I have to decide what I would like from her in trade.  I need to drill the holes and add the jump ring, but that will be quick.  Jenny creates jewelry so I will be excited to see what she creates with them.