I did a bit of thrift shopping over the weekend and also checked out the new South of the James farmer’s market in the Forest Hill section of Richmond. 

scn0001At the South of the James market I found this cute handmade doggy pin.  It is made by Cris Pool.  You can find her creations in her Etsy shop.  There were a lot of great vendors there and the place was packed.  I had to walk a mile to get to the booths, but the walk was worth it. 

Then it was off to the thrift shops and antique shops I passed on the way to the market.  There are a few on the way so if you go check them out. 



DSC01152 DSC01153

DSC01154I found 2 pattern books one a McCall’s book from August of 1941.  It has great pictures of the latest patterns that were offered in 1941.  The second is the collection of Le Grand Chic from 1982.  It has some great images in it also, but they are sketches of the clothing. 

At the same shop I found a few pelican picks, green bamboo buttons, a vintage picture, and a vintage card.


scn0005 scn0003 scn0002

It was a very good day!