DSC01111When I made a Mermaid Dotee doll for Susan fro our 1:1 swap the moderator of the Mermaid Dotee group on Flickr asked me to join their group.   They were having a Mermaid Dotee swap and I decided to join in on the fun. 


DSC01113I used pink tulle for her tail fin and sewed a circle in it so it would gather, I then tucked it into the tail of the doll and sewed it on.  I gave her blue eyes (like the ocean) and gave her a little red mouth, too.  I embellished her with turquoise seed beads and some glass flower beads.  Seashell buttons were placed on her tail and one in her hair. 

I wanted her to have long flaxen hair so I cut some strips of twine and then sewed them onto a bit of bias tape to make a wig.  I then unraveled the twine to give her flowing hair.  A rose placed in her hair as she is a girly girl after all.  Letter beads to spell Dotee near her tail and a couple of shell stars for her girly bits. 

I hope that Jenny The Artist, the group’s moderator likes it.  She was sent on her way to Novia Scotia on Monday.