DSC01119One of my co-workers was celebrating her birthday and we tried a Thai restaurant.  I never had Thai, but I did enjoy the Drunken Noodles with chicken.  They were yummy and a bit spicy, but not terribly so.  You could pick your heat.  I picked mild.

The restaurant is in Mechanicsville and called Pad Thai.  It is hard to find, has one sign on the front of the building and you have to be looking for it.  I drive passed it a lot and thought it was a home as there are lots of plants outside of it.  I checked out the reviews and if you are in the area check it out.  It is the best authentic Thai in Richmond and they serve you super quick. 

As we were sitting down at the table and I went to slide in my chair my necklace caught on the table.   Beads went everywhere and diners of all shapes and sizes were helping me to pick them up.  How embarrassing!

All during the meal they kept bringing them to me and saying they found another.  The waitress brought me a bag to put them all in.  It went on for what seems like forever. 

I liked the stones in the necklace, but didn’t like the fact that you could only wear it single strand and long.  So, I guess, it was a blessing that it broke.  I also changed the order of the beads as all the little round ones were all together before. 

I made it a double strand of 18″ and 19″ and had enough stones left to make a bracelet, too. I did have to add some other beads to lengthen the second strand of the bracelet.  I like it much better this way.

When life breaks your necklace…Cindy makes another and a bracelet, too!