DSC01086I decided to go back to the flea market for another orchid.  This time I picked up a yellow one (my favorite color).  My co-workers are jealous that I found orchids for $4.  Especially since they paid $19.95 for theirs! 

I also found a few other treasures.  The birds of North America book printed in 1966 with some awesome bird graphics and the 1916 edition Singer sewing machine instruction book.  It has some great drawings of the various parts and the machine itself. 

I got the Singer book for $1 and the bird book for $2.  He tried to get $5, but I talked him down and turned to walk away a time or two.



Then I headed to the Goodwill.  There I found this 1960 edition of Better Homes and Gardens Dessert Cookbook.  I love images from the 1960’s.  I like how they appear very flat, but are still colorful.  The desserts in this book are to die for…LITERALLY!  I love the image of the Mile High Chiffon Pie. 


DSC01103Also, I found this set of owl nesting boxes.  I thought they would be perfect to store my office supplies on my desk at work.  There are 3 sizes and they all stack inside one another.  There is also a tiny mouse on the side of each one holding a paintbrush.  It cost me $1!

I have been trying to curb my thrift shopping a bit lately.  I literally have more of everything that I could need or use conceivably.  Therefore I am limiting myself to 3 purchases per store. 

I also found 2 tote bags from Urban Outfitters (brand new with tags) to embellish for $4 each.  All in all a good haul no? 

So what did you score this weekend?  Anything great?