I went on Saturday to the Bellwood Flea Market or as I refer to it “stereo, tube sock and tool heaven”!  I stopped going years ago as it was not very full and the pickings were not ideal.  Saturday, I decided to check it out again.  After all it only costs a dollar to get in. 

DSC01080I found a vendor selling orchids for $4!  FOUR DOLLARSI said $4!  If you have ever thought about buying one you will know what a bargain that is.  I have never seen them for less than $19.99. 

I struck up a conversation with the husband and wife selling them about the proper care.  I also asked her about which would be the best one to pick.  My flower knowledge knows you don’t want to buy something in full bloom as it will allow you only a short time to enjoy it.  So I was not sure if I should pick one with buds or in full bloom. 

She let me know that they bloom for 3 months and that if I get the one with some blooms to be opened I would enjoy it for a long time.  Also, she let me know to let it dry almost completely before I water it.  Then water it, but don’t let it sit in water.  I can handle that.  I thought they were much more complicated to grow and hesitated to buy one as I was certain to kill it.  For $4 I can kill it several times and replace it before I have $19.99 in it. 

She let me know that they are there every week if I need another and was nice enough to pick out for me with the two flowering stems.  She told me it was the only one she had and she saved it for a special customer.  Maybe she lied, but for a while I felt really special.

Also, I found a 4 cup Pyrex measuring cup for $1.  I wanted a larger one, but didn’t want to pay full price as I would use it only occasionally. 

Ironically, I also found a Rummy-O game.  I offered some of my plethora of game pieces to my friend Jan in the UK for her pendants.  I sent her an entire set as I have been really lucky with locating them lately.  So I mail one off to Jan and find another set for $1 at the flea market.  Karma perhaps? 

Be sure to check out Jan’s awesome work on her altered pendants.  She is really gifted and her work is lovely.  You may remember the one she sent to me. 

This post may have been about fleas, but it was neither itchy or scratchy.  It also required no collar!