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No, I have not been sniffing it!  I have been creating with it.

I hope you all remember the previous Gorilla Glue mishap and the ruined pendants.  What a difference E6000 glue makes in the process!

necklace1 necklace2

The pendant on the left is an altered Rummy-O game piece with scrapbook paper and a sparkly clip earring glued to it.  The beads with the exception of the seed beads are all from vintage costume jewelry necklaces.  The necklace on the right is made from a vintage brooch again with the Rummy-O and the vintage beads.  All of the findings on both are sterling.

I like how they turned out especially without the oozing glue seeping through the beads.  Tomorrow I will show you the remainder of the pendants I made.  They are waiting to become necklaces.

Pretty no?   


It is amazing to me some of the gadgets they used in the olden days to get the job done.  I remember taking my typing class on an electric typewriter.  We had an old manual that Mom picked up somewhere and although I liked how the type looked, it really hurt my fingers to type on it very long.  I guess we appreciate what we have when we taste what they had, huh?

I went to the Goodwill before my haircut on Friday and found Secretarial Studies.  It was written by Sorrell and  Gregg in 1922.  There are some remarkable images of some ancient equipment.

In the above images are an envelope sealer and a lady working at a map cabinet. 


The picture on the left is a Dalton Calculator and on the right are a hand addressograph and a motor addressograph.  Could you imagine cranking out a bulk mailing on either?  Using the envelope sealer?  I can imagine that secretaries in 1922 didn’t have manicured nails. 

Now I am going to sign off so that I can kiss my computer and pat my new printer/scanner/fax/copier.  I am really feeling a lot of techno love right about now! 

Hope the week started well!


Karla of Sugar Bear Designs and I did a 1:1 swap.  We created 3 ATCs with the theme of Happy Hour.  You can see the ATCs I created for her here

Sorry one of the images is a bit fuzzy.  I bought a new printer/scanner/copier and am getting used to its bells and whistles.

She also sent along the prettiest bracelet that she made.  I have had a real thing for lime lately.  It is just lovely with lots of sparkly glass beads.  

Thanks, Karla for a great swap!  I love all the ATCS, but have to think that Mother Always Said is my favorite!

karla bracelet









The weather this weekend was lovely.  Highs in the upper 70’s to 80’s and bright sunny skies until about 2 p.m. on Sunday.  I love driving with the windows down in the car.  It gets stifling in the summer with the humidity here at times so driving with the windows open happens as long as I can tolerate it. 

Hope your weekend was awesome, too!

I really love this show and try to never miss it on Monday night on CBS.  Here is one of the reasons why.



My Dad loved German Shepherds.  We had 2 in my lifetime one named Fritz (Fritzi is what Dad called him) and Kristina.  I don’t remember much about Fritz as I must have been really little when he was around, but I do remember Kristina.  She was the best of dogs and a great protector.  When you heard her utter her soft growl you knew someone was toast.  It was a barely audible growl, but when I heard it I moved from between her and whatever direction her face was pointed.  I knew that there was a dash in the near future.  I never worried about ghosts, the boogie man or anyone ever hurting me when she was there.  I knew she was going to protect me. 

Kristina had several litters of puppies that we sold or gave away to others.  She was a purebred German Shepherd.  It was really a sight to see when she was weaning a litter of puppies as my cat Miranda was weaning her kittens.  Kristina let the kittens nurse off of her.  There is a picture somewhere of this site, but to see that big dog and those tiny kittens was too sweet.  Kristina had a very soft side that offset her killer instinct well.  She was a great Mother to her pups and those kittens, too.

With her last litter of puppies she started to decline.  We thought she had given birth to too many litters, but after she went to the vet we found that she had been shot quite a while ago.  Evidently, it went right up her backside so there was not a wound.  She had been bleeding internally for quite a while and that last litter put too much strain on her weakening system.  We had to put her to sleep.  We cried tears for days over losing her, but knew she was much better off than living in pain.  We only wish we knew sooner. She never bled, never appeared sick or weak and never gave any indication something was not right with her. 

I think about the person that shot her.  Was it intentional?  Was it a ricochet?  Was it an accident?  A planned event?  I choose to believe it was an accident as she never strayed far from the house.  I don’t want to think about someone shooting at her near our house as we always played near her. 

Rest in Peace Kristina!  I am certain you are sitting with my Dad and he is scratching your head.  You both liked it that way. 

I have been playing around making some additional ATCs.  They are small, quick and totally addictive!



Square Meals






An Age Old Battle


Fools For Love

All are available for trade.  Just drop me a line if you want to trade.  You can see other ATCs that are available for trade here

I bought some Rummy-O game pieces at the thrift shop recently.  I created pendants and then decided to make necklaces to hang them on while I was at it.  I thought I should make matching earrings, too. 

DSC00982_0 DSC00983_0

DSC00984_0 DSC00985_0

All of the beads with the exception of the flower beads on the bottom left are vintage.  The flower beads are new fabric beads that I picked up at Bangles and Beads in Carytown.  You can order them here if you like them, too.  I don’t recall paying that much for them, but may have.  Probably not, though, as I am CHEAP!  If you like them and are in Richmond, they are at Torman, too. 

What are you creating today?

Remember the altered tiny dominos I made a while back?  Well, they grew up to be one charming bracelet. 

DSC00986_0 DSC00987_0

Wouldn’t you agree?  All of the findings are sterling and the beads are from a vintage necklace.  The lighter ones are a bit iridescent in color.  I have took it to Torman on Sunday so if you like it and are located in Richmond you know where to find it!  I am definitely going to make more and I really like how this turned out.  Lord knows I have the dominos! 

My friend Ann took me to my first bead show on Saturday.  Wow, talk about eye candy.  Some of the beads were awesome.  I saw one handmade glass bead, ONE HANDMADE GLASS BEAD I said, that was $80.  It was lovely, I will say that, but man oh man how much would the finished necklace cost? 

I like working with vintage necklace beads.  I like that they have some age to them and are unique, too.  You won’t see them everywhere and you won’t see 1000’s of them.  It gives them some individual character don’t you think?

I went to Target on Sunday and bought Neil Diamond’s new CD and watched the interview with him on Sunday Morning.  God, I love Neil Diamond!  I always have and most likely always will.  They mentioned he was 62 on the interview.  I thought he was older than that.  He must have been a baby when he hit it big. 

Here he is from Youtube singing his new song Pretty Amazing Grace on American Idol. 

Enjoy and have a great day!

Starting today it will cost more for this kind of goodness to arrive via US Mail.  They are raising the rates today.

7 birds - jersey knit scarf in red with white dots (nr 5)I had a lot of great stuff in my mail over the weekend.  First, there was this scarf all the way from Finland and courtesy of Syko via Etsy.  It is a t-shirt material and the birds are appliqued onto the scarf.  It is just the right length, too!  I love its bright colors and the primitive birdies on it. 

It is so cute and the perfect thing to jazz up my outfit.  Today I wore it around town with my jeans and my red converse sneakers.  I felt like a somewhat urban Dorothy.  I wonder, at times, if people think I am one of those sad ladies trying to be younger.  I just like to show a bit of my personal style and my artsy side when I dress.  When I work I show it with my jewelry choices.  It is hard to dress trendy when you are in a more conservative environment from 8-5.

Next up are the ATCs from a 1:1 swap with Ann from the Netherlands.  She picked a couple (this one and this one) of my ATCs and I created the Tipsy Button Fairy for her.  The ATCs she sent me are lovely and I like them a lot. 

DSC00991_0She sent me From Pairs with Love, Lovely and April Showers.  You can click on the hyperlinks to see them a bit better on Ann’s flickr pages.  You should check out her other works while you are there.  She is a great artist.  And, if you are inclined you might see if she will trade with you.  She also sent along some other collage pieces.

Lastly, but not least, I received the items for a 1:1 swap I did with Susan from PEI in Canada.  I love her Dotees and the faces she creates on them.  The two she sent this time didn’t disappoint either. Our theme was springtime and DSC00989_0DSC00990_0gardening. 

I love the crooked grin on the Dotee on the right.  Even with the eyes closed (I prefer to create my Dotees with their eyes open they have such a happy expression.  Most of the Dotees I see look like they are sleeping, but Susan creates them to look like they are smiling even with closed eyes.  Truly lovely and truly a great technique.

She also, as part of the swap sent along 10 ATCs.  Susan has helped me to perfect my ATC technique along the way.  First she helped with the dimensions, then the titles and signing them, and lastly the sleeves to protect them in transit. 

Her ATC this time were truly lovely, too.


DSC00992_0 DSC00993_0 DSC00994_0 DSC00995_0










I love the ATC she made from the playing card and all the little embellishments.  You can see what I sent to her here, here and here

So pretty!  Thanks, Susan, for another great swap! 

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