My Mom found chickens that lay colored eggs.  They were light blue and green in pastel shades and the chicken laid them that way.  It was like Easter every morning.  This was way back in the early 1970’s and way before Martha made them popular.  We quietly ate the eggs for breakfast, used them for baking, and hard boiled them, too. 

We thought we were quite the trend setters and all of the neighbors were talking about those Easter Egg chickens that we raised.  They were the hit of our county fair in WV.  People couldn’t get over the eggs! 

They are odd looking birds with no butts and full beards, even the girls.  The picture to the left is a female who has not started laying eggs yet.  How do I know that you may ask?  See that red think on top of her head.  If she were a boy it would be larger, from the start.  Once a female starts laying eggs it starts to grow, but unlike a rooster they do not stand straight up.  They flop over and end up like bangs covering the eye if  she is an eggy over achiever!

We had a few exotic breeds of chickens.  I mentioned previously about my pet in the box in my bedroom, the Frizzle.  We had some that had feathered legs and feet and some that had fur and purple faces (furry and downy like feathers). 

So next time Martha talks about her colored egg laying chickens remember that my mother, Shirley, found them first!  Of course, my Mom wasn’t on TV and a media mogul, just a farmer lady living in WV.  She was way ahead of her time!