Sometimes I think I may have been born in the wrong generation.  I think that I am better suited for another place and time.  I think of the 20’s and 30’s.  Where women dresses in big skirts, corsets, and always dressed for dinner.  Ah, that would be a great time to live.  Then I think for a minute about no indoor plumbing, no hot water running from the tap and no air conditioning and my thoughts send me racing back to the current. 

I guess by collaging with vintage images I can dabble in times gone by without actually living there.  I can play and interact with the “people,” but keep them in my time and place. 

Here are 3 ATCs I made which are available for trade.  I titled them Party, Poise and Live

Do you ever dream up lives for the images you are working with, wonder what they are thinking, how they lived?  Or do you just glue them and forget about them?