It seems at all of the award ceremonies they mention that the diamonds were donated by Harry Winston.  I wonder what would happen if an earring went missing, a bracelet dropped off and was snatched, a necklace went south?  Would that person be liable for the costs or do they have insurance to cover it?  I know that they do it for publicity, but who has that kind of money just laying around to plunk it on a necklace they saw {insert Hollywood star name here} was wearing?  Wouldn’t most of the people that had that kind of money either be at the show or have better things to do besides watch the show?  I am just saying. 

I have been busy creating the necklaces to go with the charms I made previously.  I like combining the vintage beads with the pendants with the clip earrings added to them.  I think it dresses them up a bit.


DSC01010 DSC01009 








What about you?  Are you making anything new?  Playing with any new media?  Tried and failed?  Still working through the process?