I, from as long as I can remember, always wanted to learn ballet and be a ballerina.  ballerina I, for as long as I can remember, have always been a chubby fat kid.  I am tall for a lady, 5′ 10″ and would be a good long and lean line, but there are the breasts, hips and thighs to consider.  Oh… and the tummy and flabby arms.  Needless to say, the costume was pure torture to wear.

My Mom, bless her heart, never dissuaded me from my dreams or wants.  If Cindy wanted to take ballet classes she was going to take them.  I remember every week getting into my black leotard with the pink tights.  I remember thinking I looked stunning in that outfit.  That was until I heard the other girls snickering and talking behind my back. 

I remember crying to my mother and wanting to quit, but she was having none of it.  She told me that the only way to beat them was to not quit!  She said that size didn’t matter if I was doing something I loved.  So on I went with the classes for another few months until I found something else I wanted to do more.  Mom was at every one of my recitals and was so proud of me even when I was in the background. 

Then in my Junior year in high school, I decided to try out for the cheerleading squad.  I was still that chubby kid, but again I wanted to do it.  I remember the teacher in charge telling my Mom that she needed to talk me out of trying out.  My Mom told her that I was going to try out and let the chips fall where they may.  Ever my cheerleader she was!

You guessed it, I was not a Tyler Co. Red Raider cheerleader, but I was at every game cheering along and screaming in the stands.  My Mom was right by my side the whole time.  My little brother, Tom, was on the team. 

So next time anyone tells you that you cannot, remember my Mom who always told me to try. 


Don’t Quit

When things go wrong, as they sometimes will,
When the road your trudging seems all uphill,
When the funds are low and the debts are high,
And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,
When care is pressing you down a bit
Rest if you must, but don’t you quit.

Life is queer with its twists and its turns,
As everyone of us sometimes learns,
And many a failure turns about
When they might have won, had they stuck it out.
Don’t give up though the pace seems slow,
You may succeed with another blow.

Often the struggler has given up
When he might have captured the victors cup;
And he learned too late when the night came down,
How close he was to the golden crown.

Success is failure turned inside out
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt
And you never can tell how close you are,
It may be near when it seems so far;
So stick to the fight when your hardest hit,
It’s when things seem worst that you must not quit!

~Author Unknown

End of Poem