Since my parents both worked I spent a lot of time with my Grandma and my Great Aunts.  My Grandma was named Charlotte, but all of her friends called her Lottie.  My Great Aunts, Rose and Minnie, were her sisters.  Grandma did marry, but my Grandfather who was a merchant seaman ran off when her children were young.  Aunts Minne and Rose lived with Grandma and helped her to take care of her 3 children, my Uncles Bob and Tom and my Aunt Sis (also Charlotte, but she was a real chicken so they called her Sissy and it stuck).

I remember Grandma getting ready for her visit to the VFW.  She was a great supporter of the VFW and sold poppies from time to time.  She worked for the auxiliary, too.  She always had the most remarkable and sparkly clip on earrings.  She often let me try them on as she was getting ready to go.  I loved how they sparkled and remember how they pinched my ears!  Grandma looked like a movie star in her dress and jewels.  So different from the house dresses I usually saw her in.  I guess that love never went away as I still like playing with the vintage beads and the clip on earrings.

pendants I used to pass up the earrings, but then an idea clicked.  Why not take off the back and glue them onto an altered game piece?  It is amazing to me how ideas sometimes click into my head. 

Here are the other pendants I made from clip on earrings.  You will see some pairs in there, too.  I think Grandma would be proud!  It is like working with them ties me back to my Grandma all over again.  I can see her smiling and Aunts Minnie and Rose cheering me on! 

On Sunday I went to the Farmer’s Market.  They have a flea market on Sundays.  There is a lady that I get a lot of costume jewelry from there, but she was not there today.  I did find these awesome images, though.

ballerina duck

They had been made into bridge tallies.  There was a string in the holes in the upper left.  I fell in love with the ballerina.  Tomorrow you will find out why.