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My friend James (of Torman) is having a solo show next Friday, April 25th at Art Works.  It is located in the Manchester section of Richmond.  He has been busy prepping for this event for weeks and weeks.  We are all so excited for him as he is a fabulous artist and very gifted. 

I feel a tiny bit connected as I mentioned the name Scary Wonderland to him.  He will have a good mix of his artwork and there is something for everyone there.  You can click the directions link on their site to find it. 

If you are in the area and like art stop by and say hello to James.  You may like his work enough to buy some! 


Scary Wonderland and Other Thought Provoking Works of Art

by James Torres


“Baby Girl Gina” Mixed Meida

Torres is from New York and now living in Richmond. He has studied art at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn as well as Virginia Commonwealth University. His contemporary, mixed-media works will be on display in the Sylight Gallery.

This is a great video with some awesome shots.  The song is one of my favs, too.  Enjoy!

There are 2 crafty events happening this weekend in Richmond.  First, Fool for Art on Saturday at John Tyler in Midlothian. 

On Sunday, the Richmond Craft Mafia is hosting the Spring Bada Bing.  And…be still my heartBetz White will be there as a vendor!!!!!  OMG, I have read her blog and been inspired by her felted wool creations and now have the chance to meet her in person.  Cinny is a happy, happy, happy girl!  Let’s hope I don’t get all flustered and just stare at her.  There is a boatload of goodness so don’t miss it!

I will be at both when the doors open.  Let me know if you will be there.  I would love to meet you!

My brothers and I grew up as latch key kids.  We spent a lot of time alone at home as my parents both worked.  My Mom for the Baltimore City Police Department and my Dad as a Bowling Alley Manager at the largest Duckpin Bowling Alley on the East Coast.  This left us a lot of time to entertain ourselves.  It also set the stage for a lot of calamity, pain and suffering. 

One Saturday morning we decided to watch some old cowboy movies on the television.  This led to Pat, my older brother, suggesting we play “stuntmen.”  I should preface the story you are about to read by saying Pat is fearless!  There is nothing too tall, no feat too daring, no challenge too great for him.  Tommy and I on the other hand…not so much!

We decided to tie our belts to ropes and then tie those to the pony’s halter.  After running along with the ponies we would drop and let them drag us about the pasture.  This sounds like a good plan, right?  WRONG!  It was a great plan UNTIL…

Tommy’s belt broke and he was flung into a metal fence post and hit at the bottom of his neck, the 5th and 6th cervical vertebrae to be exact (I will let you know how I know that later in this story).  Tommy immediately started screaming and saying that he couldn’t walk.  Tommy also has a notorious history of faking.  So we ignored him as we assumed he was faking this time, too.  Pat and I decided to teach him a lesson and went into the house to finish watching the movie that started it all.

A while later I looked out into the pasture where we left Tommy laying and came back to tell Pat that Tommy had not moved.  Pat reminded me that Tommy was a faker and the minute we got outside he would say “got you!”  So we watched more of the movie with Tommy laying in the pony corral with the ponies running about. 

More time goes by and I look out again…”Pat, Tommy has not moved”…”you know he is a faker!”  This time though we decided we might want to be sure.  Outside we went and when we got there Tommy was crying and still saying he was unable to move.  We, after nudging him with our feet like you would an animal you thought might attack, then picked him up and carried him in the house.

Now we had to call Mom as Tommy was really hurt.  My Mom was a “hit first and clear it up later” kind of lady when she was really angry and surely this qualified as a definite “hit first” event.  So we got Tommy to agree to tell Mom a story that would not get us in trouble.  He was riding Tippy and he bucked him off and he hit the post.  Story straight… good… make the call…

Mom’s supervisor offered to send a medical chopper to pick up Tommy as we lived very far out from a hospital in the country.  Mom refused his offer as she let him know that Tommy was a bit of a faker and chances are it was not as bad as all of that.  We braced ourselves for her arrival.  We reminded Tommy of the story to tell and the consequences if he didn’t. 

Mom arrived and after assessing the situation we carried him out to Mom’s VW bug for the long ride to the hospital.  Pat and I stayed behind to wait for Dad to get home so we could ride to the hospital with him. 

When we arrived at the hospital we found out that Tommy had a fracture of the 5th and 6th cervical vertebrae and was to be in traction and in the hospital for 6 weeks.  Tommy lay all day every day with 2 large sand bags by the sides of his head totally flat and staring at the ceiling.  He could hear, but not watch the television in his room.  He was a trooper as it must have been really miserable for him. 

Tommy finally made it home with the neck brace he had to wear for another 3 months.  He was walking and moving around.  We even went ice skating once with him.  He made a full recovery and went on to play football in high school.

You are probably wondering if we ever told Mom the truth, aren’t you?  We did tell her, but it was 16 years later.  Passed the time she was able to correct us for it. 

I think that children have special angels that protect them from the stupidity of the games they play. 

May your neighbors respect you,
Troubles neglect you,
The angels protect you,
And Heaven accept you.

~Irish Blessing

My friend, Angela, and I went to the Bizarre Bazaar and found the Mommy Needs a Cocktail booth.  I am neither a Mommy or a drinker, but after recalling some of the things we put Mom through realize why they drink. 

I Swear It's Coffee Travel Mug

I bought this travel mug.  It is the greatest pink color and I love the picture and the words. It makes me feel sassy as I drink my morning tea with honey on the commute to work in the morning.  I have a lot of travel mugs, but when there is one this cute, what is one more? 

Inspired by the cocktail travel mug I created these ATCs.  Let’s call this the After 5 Cocktail Set.  
















Sweet Scent


Cocktails For Two


Scotch Neat


Party Finery

They are available for trade also, just let me know.  Can someone pour me a drink?  I believe it is happy hour somewhere!

I guess I have been a late bloomer when it comes to ATCs.  They are artist trading cards in case you are later than I.  It is a fast and easy way to be creative and to share compact bits of art with others.  Susan got me started with our 1:1 swap, before that I didn’t really care to create them.  Now as I scan books and magazines I see pictures, letters and phrases that jump out at me and say “create”. 




French Kiss


Cat Nap

All are available for trade, just let me know if you would like to trade with me. 

Fairies that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!






















My flower fairy moved to a new home, a glass home.  She feathered her nest with some sweet gum seed pods, a lovely butterfly, a small bird on a wee branch, a couple of eggs to hatch some new friends.  Her nest is made with Basket grass with translucent strips and shredded sheet music. 

Her home is finished with an admonishment to the other fairies not to throw stones at her.  Doesn’t she look great in her new digs?  She likes the view from her house.  She likes the sunshine and light, too.  It does get a bit warm and steamy at times, but she has learned to live with it.

What kind of fairy house would you choose?





First, the award. Jan of Jan’s Journal who sent me the excellent sad Princess kitty gave me an award. 

Now I have to nominate 5 blogs who I think deserve this award too.
BUT … my winners then are requested to do the following :

1) You have to pick 5 blogs who deserve this award for their creativity, design, interesting material and also contributes to the blogging community no matter what language.

2) Each award has to have the name of the author and also a link to the blog to be visit by everyone.

3) Each award winner has to show the award and put the name and the link to the blog that has given her or him award itself.

4) Award winner and the one who has given the prize have to show the link of “arte y pico” blog so everyone will know the origin of this award. 

Here are my 5 choices for award winning blogs in no particular order:

  1. Queenly Things, Vallen serves up crafty eye candy, a song or a poem with every post. 
  2. A Very Mary, Mary Ann is one of the most giving bloggers I have met.  She runs a lively blog and pulls you into the fray with her wordy Wednesday posts.  
  3. Everyday Cookies, Heidi! What can I say about Heidi?  I can say that I believe she is a transplanted elf.  She is so lively and full of energy, spirit and a zest of life.  It is infectious.  When you visit bring a cookie as she insists upon it!
  4. Perpetual Plum, Sue is one of THE most creative people.  She freely shares has techniques and commentary as you follow her along on her crafty journey.  She is also a HUGE recycler.
  5. Field Trips in Fiber, Vicki amazes me with the work she churns out.  I love her fabric dying, soap making, bird nest watching self!  Stop over and watch along with the rest of us on the Bluebird and Chickadee progress. 

Now on to the haul part!  It was a good weekend for thrifty finds and here are a few to share with you. 

DSC00909 DSC00921_0

DSC00922_0 DSC00923_0


I scored some vintage sheet music at the Goodwill along with a 1945 book of 1001 ways to improve your photographs.  It is full of vintage images including Rita Hayworth and Loretta Young that I have pictured here.  There are a lot of head shots, too.  Awesome!

I also found this set of vintage drapes.  There are a valance and 2 panels.  I plan to use it for some grocery totes I am making.  I love the vintage kitchen and spice graphics. 

We had a thunderstorm on Saturday!  I love thunderstorms, but especially love them at night.  I like to turn off the lights and watch the sky and the room light up.  It also washed that extra layer of lime green off my car.  The pollen is especially heavy this spring.  I think it is due to the very wet winter we had.  Not a lot of snow, but a lot of rain.

Hope your week is a good one!

This story puts a whole new wrinkle on mail delivery.  Since I love my PO so much, I had to laugh and put in a call to purchase some wild turkeys! 

This is the cutest little evil eye.  You can see it here.

My first pony was Billie.  He was a Paint and I believed the most beautiful pony in the whole world.  When I received Billie he was foundered and I had to wait quite a while before I was able to ride him. 

Laminitis, commonly called founder, is an acutely painful inflammation of the foot. It occurs most often in the front feet although it can affect the hind feet as well. Founder is the name given to the resultant tissue damage and complications following one or a series of acute attacks of laminitis.

In the worst case, permanent damage to the laminae can result and the attachment of the coffin bone to the hoof wall breaks down. The whole weight of the horse bears down on the coffin bone, and without the attachment to the hoof wall, the bone rotates down and can actually be pushed right through the sole to the ground. (Acreage Equines)

It took several trimmings by the blacksmith to get him back onto the right track.  I had to wait months for him to be able to run instead of hobble as he did.  I could have chosen a pony that was ready to go when I received it, but instead chose the pony that I loved.  I have always had a really soft spot for the underdog.

When Billie was finally ready I was beside myself as I was going to take my first ride on my pony.  Billie and I had watched for months as my brother Pat rode on Duchess and Tommy took off on Tippy.  We longed to feel the wind running through our hair as we galloped past them after a hot pursuit. 

Now the day was here and I had brushed and combed Billie so he would shine for his first outing.  We headed out trailing Tippy and Duchess.  I had to try hard to hold Billie back as he wanted to fly.  I wanted to be sure he didn’t hurt himself.  Finally, with my arms sore from fighting against him, I let him go.  He trotted at first gradually working his way to the canter and then a full on gallop.  It was the most glorious feeling to see him running (finally) with the other ponies.  To watch the wind running through his mane. 

He held his head higher after that day.  He was no longer the one left behind, he was now the one leading the way.  In some ways Billie and I both caught up that day.  We both learned that persistence pays off and that with the right amount of love and care you can jump over obstacles.  Billie never shied away from anything when it came to jumping.  I once tried to keep him from jumping a tree that had fallen across the path which was almost as high as the bottom of his chest.  He was having none of it!  He didn’t come as far as he did and go through it all to walk around the obstacles.  Billie flew across the tree and I never held him back again. 

Sadly, my brothers and I outgrew the ponies and they had to move to a new home.  I wished Billie and his new owner well and reminded them that nothing held him back now.  A lot like me! 

Quote O’ The Month

"What this world needs
is a new kind of army
- the army of the kind."
~Cleveland Amory

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