I spent some time creating felty brooches with novelty fabric.  The first batch uses golf theme fabric.  I placed the fabric pieces on top of pink felt and then lime felt to complete the look.  I love the images on this fabric and think they made really cute brooches. 











The Dick and Jane brooches were created with a Dick and Jane theme fabric.  I put the images on blue felt and then on top of pink felt.  The words on the brooches are from the Dick and Jane book that I used to make the bracelet charms.  I used Alene’s craft glue to affix the words. 

My quilt top is getting some use as a background for my pics.  The colors on it are really happy colors and make me smile. 

They are saying on the news that 6 confirmed tornadoes and possibly a 7th touched down on Monday in Virginia.  The pictures of the devastation are overwhelming.  They have also said there were no fatalities.  That is remarkable!  Suffolk was the most badly hit and they have indicated it was a category 3 tornado.  You can see more pics here

If you are inclined you can donate to your local Red Cross.  You can earmark your donation Virginia Tornadoes.  Or better yet, make a donation to your local Red Cross so that they can help others when disaster hits them. 

Now please go and hug those that you love!  Hold them a bit longer and tighter!