DSC00954_0 I forgot to show you the birthday present I got for myself.  I went to the Goodwill on my birthday on the way home in the evening.  I found this awesome handmade piece.  It was created in 1979 and had a vintage frame, too.  I got it for $4.25.  The stitching is meticulous and the colors are still vibrant.  I love it. 

I appreciate good needlepoint as I know the time and attention involved in the piece.  Also, I like when the person that created the treasure signs and dates it.  That makes me treasure it more.  It also gives me a bit of history.

Inspired by my new picture I decided to use some wee dominos and a vintage Dick and Jane storybook to create charm bracelet charms. 


I used a 9mm sterling jump ring to finish the charms.  I love the images from this book as they look truly vintage.  DSC00958_0





The dominos I used are a bit smaller than a quarter and the perfect size for a bracelet charm.  Crafting with a bit of vintage newness. 

We had 3 tornadoes hit the state yesterday.  Suffolk was the hardest hit are with over 200 people hurt and one fatality.  Colonial Heights the scene of another is about 15 minutes south of Chester.  They had to close interstate 95 for a bit as the debris was on the highway.  They said there were industrial AC units and beams from the store roofs.  You can see the footage of the damage here

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victim and to everyone affected by the tornadoes.  One of the people who was in the thick of it in Colonial Heights said that she was thankful that she only lost all the windows in her vehicle.  She said things can be replaced, but not people so she was very thankful.