Every farm has a cat and most farms have lots of cats.  We had a few cats: Maxwell, Caesar, Miranda, and a Calico or 2 in the barn.  Cats, in case you don’t know, like to show their masters their conquests.  Thus how I ended up trying to make a chipmunk into a pet. 

Miranda caught it and brought it into the house.  She decided that the deed must be done inside so we could watch.  She let the chipmunk go and he scurried away.  She caught up with him quickly.  We were right behind her to try to keep her from killing it.  When we finally caught up the chipmunk had some teeth marks on it, but seemed in reasonably great shape considering the alternative! 

We decided that we must nurse it back to health.  We placed it in a box in the barn with some chicken wire over the top.  We would go out and feed it some lettuce and use an eye dropper to give it some water.  It was a couple of weeks before I decided he was well enough for me to “cuddle with the ‘munk”. 

I was in mid-pet of its shiny coat when it bit down on my finger.  It was the most painful thing I had experienced in my young life.  I remember flinging my hand several times before it finally let go.  I looked kind of like all those America’s Funniest Home Videos where the man gets a crab that latches on.  In slow motion I could see my mouth moving, my hand flailing and my lips uttering words that I am certain a young girl shouldn’t know.  It flew to who knows where as we never saw that chipmunk again.  My brothers stood there laughing at me. 

I went inside and cleaned my wound and put on a bandage.  I didn’t think about the possibility of rabies or disease.  My finger hurt and I wanted to forget all about it.  Once again, I must mention that children must have special angels to protect them from their stupidity. 

I did learn that animals are wild for a reason and never felt the urge to pick up a wild animal EVER again.  When the thought crosses my mind my finger starts throbbing!  The thought passes very quickly. 


If you are in the Richmond area, my friend, James Torres’ show is tonight at Art Works.  Please stop by and support a very talented artist and a great guy, too!