It was today back in 1963

That little Cindy Ann came to be.

I was ushered forth

A bit to the north (Ft. Meade, MD).

The story goes that Mom had no idea she was in labor

The doctor wouldn’t let her call my Father

He found out he had a daughter

Well after I was born.

I am sure he was thrilled,

But by the 6th  you are a bit tired!

Yes, if you do the math, I would be 45 today!  It seems like only yesterday that I was a kid.  And can you find the truck that hit me oh…about 40!  Seriously, I have loved every minute of the ride. 

No let’s move on to a couple of flower/garden themed Dottee Dolls for a 1:1 swap.  I used sculpey to make the faces and my inks to color them. 

DSC00928_0DSC00929_0 DSC00930_0

Now, I am off to have a huge piece of cake with a lot of icing!  Can someone buy me some large elastic pants for my birthday present??