I participated in Craft Sanity’s postcard swap.  DSC00927_0 I showed the card I created here.  This is the postcard and some extra goodies I received from my partner, Elizabeth.  I love the crocheted C on the postcard.  So cute.  I also like the other crocheted goodies and believe they will make a great brooch when I am finished with it. 



I also purchased this charm bracelet from Blair Peter on Etsy.  It is so pretty and I like the flowery swatches.  You can see a better picture of it here on Blair’s blog.  I love it and it is so light to wear, too. 


I also made some glycerin soap over the weekend.  It is mandarin orange and pear.  It was really easy to make with the melt/pour glycerin.  I used a chicken stock container for the mold and then cut it into individual bars.  I have about 4 of each. 

Hope your week is going well!