DSC00933_0 Wow, the weekend flew by!  I had so much fun at the Fool for Arts on Saturday.  It was an awesome outdoor event with lots of artisans and some really cool stuff.  I bought myself a few trinkets (you knew I WOULD). 

Sunday brought the Craft Mafia’s Spring Bada Bing.   Yes, I met Betz.  She is exactly the same in person that she has always seemed to be on her blog.  She was gracious enough to sign my copy of her book, Warm Fuzzies.  We also shared stories of bags and bags of felted wool.  She had her cupcakes and cup o’ joes, too. 


The other picture is my haul from the Bada Bing.  I bracelet and some felty brooches.  The small in the top and kind of in the middle is a felty pendant.  It is amazing to me what creative people can create with an idea and some materials.  There were a few vendors that carried felty brooches, but they were all a bit different. 

It has been pouring rain all day today.  They say we already have over 2″ and expect another 3-6″ before the end of the day Monday.  Maybe I should be pricing a small rowboat! 

Hope your weekend was great, too!