DSC00865This past weekend I was playing with the Sculpey.  Donna Dewberry has a new link of clay making supplies that I found at Michaels.  These hand cutters were part of that collection.  I also found some tools for texturing the clay, too.

I sanded the hands and then tinted them with bronzed get medium (I added bronze power to the medium and painted it on).  On top of that I inked the gold, silver and pink color  using my Dewdrop Brilliance Inks.  With the texture on the hands it was a nice blend with the copper base. 

I used my Dremel to drill the hole and added some dangly beads to complete the look.  The findings are all sterling.  I like how they came out, but will see how they sell before I make more. 

What kind of Sculpey or Fimo jewelry have you made?