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Heidi asked me to share some of my goat and chicken stories, so here you go…

From the title you are thinking plant, but Fern was the Nubian goat kid that my parents bought me when I was a little girl.  She was the greatest pet a kid (no pun intended) could have.  She lived in our basement and I went down several times a day to bottle feed her.  We had a great time and when it was all done we would race up the stairs.  I won sometimes, but she won most times and I had to keep her from running into the kitchen with me. 

Fern grew up and had 2 kids (that is what they are called) Miranda and Cuddles.  (I just realized I have no idea how she got into the “family way” as we had no buck on the farm at that time.  So my parents must have taken her somewhere for that “special date” and she came home pregnant.)  I remember watching her give birth to them.  She had a bit of trouble having Cuddles (the bigger kid) and Mom had to help her.  Cuddles had a bit of trouble with her hip for a bit after her birth. 

Miranda was named for a Janis Joplin song about crazy Miranda.  My big sister was the Joplin fan and I liked the name.  Cuddles was my little brother’s goat and he named her.  I am not sure why he called her Cuddles.  Cuddles looked like Fern and Miranda looked like an Alpine goat and was spotted more like a Dalmatian.   Her Dad must have been an Alpine.

A month after the birth of Miranda and Cuddles, I had spent the night at a friend’s house and my parents came to pick me up.  The told me that a rabid dog had cornered Fern and she saved her kids, but she was killed by the dog.  They had buried her and cleaned up the yard where it occurred before I got home.  I thought my heart had broken irreparably.  I cannot recall loving anything more than I did Fern and now she was gone.  My brothers took care of business and Pat, my big brother, took care of the dog that killed her.  He was my hero! 

Miranda and Cuddles flourished and Tommy and I bottle fed them for a while and calmed them when dogs barked at them as they got very scared.  Cuddles never had kids, but Miranda had 2 sets of twins.  Can’t recall their names, but know we sold them when they were born.  If you know anything about goats you cannot keep them in any fence and they eat everything!  One day my dad was changing the oil in his riding mower and Nicky, the buck we bought, ate the nasty old greasy gasket while my Dad’s back was turned.  Miranda and Cuddles ate the insulation off the door to the basement. 

The goats frequently got out of the fence and ate my Mom’s weeping willow tree, ate her poppies and other flowers, and then ate parts of her garden.  My Mom put down the gauntlet, either build a fence to keep them in or they must go!  Unfortunately, they had to go.    We sold them to a nice family that loved them and lived across the road so we saw them often. 

I cannot say I missed milking Miranda before school each morning (by hand) or feeding them in the cold.  It was fun to play how long can I squirt a stream of milk and hit the cat’s mouth!  And the equally fun, how long will the cat drink if I can spray it into its mouth.  Mom never understood where most of the milk went.  I told her I spilled some on the way in and gave some to the cats.  It was years later before I told her what I did. 

Tommy and I showed Miranda and Cuddles at our county fair.  Since they were our 4-H projects and the only goats in the county we always won the ribbons and trophies.  Since Miranda had kids she always beat Cuddles.  Tommy was so disappointed that he was always second.  You know how you place the ribbons above the pen while they are at the fair?  Well, you probably guessed it, they ate them!  Just the dangling ribbon part, not the rosette. 

One other aside on the goats.  We had a buck at one time named, Billy.  Billy loved to butt his head into you.  Not hard, but in a playful way.  Pat would play with him and get him really worked up.  His butting was not playing at that point.  Once Pat played like he had knocked heads with Billy and somehow made that sound, too.  Tommy, not to be outdone by Pat, decided to do it, too.  Billy reared up onto only his back legs and came down onto Tommy’s head with a mighty crack (like in the movies of the mountain sheep with the curly horns) and Tommy stood up walked in a couple of circles and was down for the count.  He had the mother, father, sister and brother of all goose eggs on his head for the longest time.  How he avoided a skull fracture is beyond me! 

Maybe I will make the farm memories a Friday feature on the blog.  I grew up in a somewhat dysfunctional family.  I often say we put the “fun” in dysfunctional!  There are many more and sadly a lot involve Tommy being hurt in the end, but he is alive and well today.  Someone once told me when I made the dysfunctional comment, “but aren’t all families in some way?”  I wonder…but can tell you I wouldn’t change the way I was raised for anything as we are all very great people. 

Hope your week is ending well!

Miss Sandy is hosting an Easter Parade today and you are all invited to join us. 

Today she will have a special post for you to link to using Mister Linky. You will enter linking to a specific post that shares one of the following: Easter or Spring décor, Easter or Spring Crafts, Special Family celebration ideas for either of these, Recipes or Family favorites for this time of year, If you have an Easter Bonnet, please do post it, The first signs of Spring around your area, anything that relates to Easter or Spring.

So grab your bonnet, put on your prettiest Easter dress and promenade along with us. 

Easter is usually in April and that reminds me of the phrase about April showers bringing May flowers.  I think there is nothing lovelier than when the crocus, the daffodils, and the forsythia start to bloom.  I went to the Farmer’s Market on Sunday and bought a bunch of daffodils from my favorite vendor.  They look so sunny and full of spring on my kitchen counter!

She also had some mini pies and I bought a few of those, too. 

I found lyrics to an Al Jolson song titled April Showers.  (You can hear him sing it here.)

DSC00829_0 Life is not a highway strewn with flowers,
Still it holds a goodly share of bliss,
When the sun gives way to April showers,
Here’s a thought that we should never miss:

Though April showers
May come your way,
They bring the flowers
That bloom in May;


And if it’s raining,
DSC00828_0 Have no regrets;
Because, it isn’t raining rain, you know,
It’s raining violets.
And when you see clouds
Upon the hill,
You soon will see crowds
Of daffodils;
So keep on looking for the bluebird,
And listening for his song,
Whenever April showers come along.

The ‘brella brooch was inspired by the red umbrella Laura created and posted here.   I ordered one from her (my first of her brooches), but I have been a long time blog reader and admirer of her handiwork.  I decided to use a bit of my fabric scraps for the umbrella.  Each red circle is outlined in pink so it worked on its pink felt background. 

The felty bangles I purchased from Madsbelly on Etsy.  She customized the colors and the size for me on both sets.  She was gracious enough when the first set was lost in the mail to make me another set.  I received them today and they are AWESOME!  You can use the request custom order option and she will hook you up, too.

Here’s hoping that you see just enough rain to make lots of  pretty flowers. 

Remember when you were in grade school and you had to write upon your return an essay about what I did for my summer vacation?  Growing up in a large family with money being tight I never had great stories to tell.  I could talk about my goats and chickens and exhibiting them at the county fair {snore}, the hours I spent weeding and digging the potatoes in the garden {ugh}, or plotting my future as the next greatest celebrity {LOL}.   My stories were always, to be honest, a bit embellished.  It gave my life a bit of a spark instead of the mundane that was the truth. 

Now, here I am all grown up and writing you an essay almost daily about what I do with my crafty creations and I am riveting.  Well maybe not riveting, but I don’t have to fib to you.

My partners for the Easter Bunny’s Chicks Swap were Lori and Karen.  We had to make one handmade item for our partners and send it to them.  As I always do I sent along some extras, too. 

I used a bit of ribbon and my small yo-yo maker to create the bunny and some fabric and a vintage button for the flower brooch.  Lori’s favorite spring colors are pink and green.

DSC00810 DSC00812

I used ribbon and the yo-yo maker again to create the chick’s wing and some Amy Butler fabric and covered a button for this flower brooch.  Lori’s favorite spring color is robin’s egg blue. 

DSC00809 DSC00815

I hope they enjoyed the brooches and the other goodies I sent along to them. 

I had productive weekend of craftiness.  I finished the pendants that I started way back here.  I added the beads and the bales to them. 

DSC00816_0 DSC00817_0

I really like how they turned out.  Some of my beads come from vintage necklaces that I upcycle and others are from my thrifty finds and the rest I purchase to complement the ones I am missing. 

DSC00818_0I also used the Clover yo-yo maker to create this embellished denim tote.  The maker is so quick and the yo-yos are the same every time.  I added a button in the center and stitched on the stems, leaves and grass. 

The totes are recycled ones from the thrift that I wash, iron and then embellish.  Occasionally I find new ones, but still wash them first to get them softer.  I don’t like plain bags  and always have jazzed mine up. 

Hope you didn’t imbibe in too much green beer yesterday or you might be a bit green today. 

Happy Tuesday!  For my Irish Friends that might be just waking up from the holiday, I will say it a bit quieter….Happy Tuesday!

This weekend was great weather-wise with rain occurring overnight Saturday.  Saturday was warm enough I broke out the sandals and the capris and went on my merry way.  I had an errand to run up in the west end when I realized that a nearby thrift was having a 50% off everything sale.  They have 50% off every 15th and 30th of the month.  It was the 15th and I was in the neighborhood so off I went.

The Golden Opportunity Thrift shop is located on Broad Street just after you pass Parham (headed west).  It is a hit or miss thrift shop and every now and then you find a real gem. 

DSC00822_0 I found a vintage bird book, a great vintage book about dogs that was very well worn, but the best part was this clear green box that I saw tucked way in the back on a shelf kind of inaccessible.  Good thing my Daddy helped to make me tall!  My arms just made the reach. 

Inside was lots of bias tape, ric rac, and lace.  It was packed and with the 50% off I bought it for $7.50.  I felt like I was stealing it!

On Sunday, I went to Diversity Thrift where I found this huge piece of drapery fabric for $2. 


When I arrived home there was a package with some Etsy purchases in it.  It contained 2 brooches that I purchased from CrimsonCat05.  I love the Robin Red Breast and the daisy with the red center. I can feel it is almost spring and maybe if I wear a Robin on my lapel it will help the actual robins find me! Then no matter what the calendar says it will be Spring!


 And since today is St. Patrick’s Day and I am an Irish kid, here is an Irish Blessing from me to you:

May you always have work for your hands to do.
May your pockets hold always a coin or two.
May the sun shine bright on your windowpane.
dsc00820-0-thumb.jpgMay the rainbow be certain to follow each rain.
May the hand of a friend always be near you.
And may God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.

~Irish Blessing


Ellen Calls Gladys Hardy I Love Jesus I Just Drink A Little


Remember that comedy routine, You Can Call Me Ray?  It started out with my name is Raymond J. Johnson, Jr.  But you can call me Ray or you can call me Jay, but you doesn’t have to call me Johnson…

Well you can call her Mrs. Abbott, or you can call her MaryAnn, but you can’t call her Mary.  I can appreciate how she feels about that.  I grew up in Baltimore and most natives of Bal’mer have a habit of shortening your name and oh, there is that Hon thing, too.  So my name Cindy would become Cin.  Cin, can you hand me this or that?  Cin, can you get some milk at the store?  Cin, can you {insert request here}. 

DSC00803I loathe that nickname Cin!  I would retort that my Momma and Daddy were married when they had me!  It stopped them dead in mid sentence as they tried to comprehend what I just said to them.  It also made them stop calling me Cin, so it accomplished its purpose.

I say that to say I understand why she doesn’t like Mary.  It is not her name, but a part of it.  So remember if you visit my friend MaryAnn’s blog or if you decide to purchase some of her great artwork like I did from her Etsy shop and you send her a note, remember it is MaryAnn.  She prefers it that way.

The collage is one that MaryAnn created titled Body Builders.  It is an awesome title as their bodies are buildings.  I like how the middle one looks like that old RKO pictures logo with the radio waves emanating from the antennae.  The top pic is some ephemera she sent along with it.  MaryAnn is great about that.  Heck, MaryAnn is just great about it all. 

DSC00806I received my goodies from one of my partners in The Easter Bunny’s Chicks Easter SwapLori sent me this great Spring garland.

It is images and letter on tea stained cards.  It is strung on an organza wired ribbon.  So sweet, so cute and so simple.  I love it. 

DSC00807She also sent along this happy spring towel, a small tote bag with candies (which never made it to the pictures) and this lovely basket.  Thanks, Lori!  I love it all!

I am finishing up on my swap items so I can get them in the mail by Friday’s deadline.  I should be fine as the idea for my project HIT me yesterday and I have all the goodies gathered for creating. 

This happy spring garland has stoked the fires of my spring fever.  I will have to beat it back into submission until the season actually hits.  It is hard to not think of spring when the mornings are cool and the says are getting warmer and lighter longer. 

Come on spring, I {heart} you much! 

P.S. Sorry for the multiple posts last night.  My Youtube videos I sent on Saturday to the blog decided to arrive on oh…..Wednesday!  If you didn’t see them, they will be posted on Saturday and Sunday of this weekend. 

DSC00797 I made more altered domino pendants using scrapbook paper for the background and vintage storybook images.  This book, Tell Me a Mitzi written by Lore Segal and with the loveliest illustrations by Harriet Pincus.  I love every one of the pictures in the book and will be using a lot of them in the future.

I love books with great pictures, expressive faces and charming colors.  They give the pendants more character and make me smile as I work with them. 


I still have to add the bales and the beads to them, but they should be finished soon. 

I also saw this Dotee doll on Flickr and thought it was really cute and clever of funkylukecosmicart.  I am also toying with having a hippie Dotee swap, but wondered who would like to join me.  So if you want to play leave a comment and we shall see how many people are interested. 

Is it just me or is daylight savings time making the morning VERY DARK?  It seems I wake up in the blackness and it is not lightening up until my drive in at the halfway point. 

Hope you week is going well!

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