DSC00846_0 I consulted my trusty English French on-line translator and it indicated the above title translates to thrift shop.  Since I neither speak or read in French I must trust it.  I often am concerned as I am thrifting and buy a piece of jewelry with another language on it.  I want to research what it says.  The person selling it tells me it is the Chinese symbol for happiness, but how can I be sure?  Maybe it is the Chinese symbol for pig or a more vile word?  I have no way to know. 

I found this awesome Audubon book over the weekend with the greatest bird pictures in it.  I was so thrilled to find a book with great bird images in it, that I didn’t realize until I got home it is a French book.  How neat is that!  It is full of the greatest images and French text. 




This has to be among my greatest finds in thrift shopping.  I have been searching for a great bird image book for almost a year and this is quite the score.  There are photographic images and drawings of the birds, too. 

It includes pictures of their nests and eggs also.  As I was paying for it at the Goodwill the cashier made the comment, “wow, someone missed this one!”  I asked her what she meant and she said, “we have a lot of people in here looking for bird books and they missed this one!”  I am thrilled that they missed it and that I was lucky enough to persevere to find it.  I have been on such a bird kick lately and this certainly feeds into that passion.  I can hardly wait to start {gasp} cutting into it.  I can hear the book purists sobbing, but it is not an old or vintage book, no chance it is worth some real money.  Just a great find filled with great images.


I also found this 1982 Art Calendar at the same Goodwill.  It is artworks created by mouth painters.  It, too has some great images by some very talented artists.



So it was a great weekend at the Magasin de Seconde Main.  It is times like this that I get really excited and thank my Mom for my great eye and nose for sniffing out the treasures.  I also think it involves my tenacity in that I might make 3-4 laps of the books before I give up. 

Here’s hoping you find a treasure, too! 

Have a great rest of your week!