DSC00732Some birds fly south for the winter seeking warmer climates in order to nest.  Mine, on the other hand, decided to do it backwards.  She decided to fly north to WISCONSIN!  Surely she got her signals crossed?  Maybe she went mad?   Maybe she saw the warm and cozy glow from my swap partner’s home and decided it was cozy enough to make the journey. 

I participated in the Speckled Egg’s Sweet Little Nest Swap.  My partner was Christine from Mumblings of the Incoherent.  I had a lot of fun making this nest for her and decided to build it in a teacup.  I found the cup at a thrift shop and it had a couple on it dancing.  I thought how appropriate for a songbird. 

I made the nest from a bulky white felted wool sweater.  I then lined it with shredded sheet music strips, felted wool scraps and some pieces from a barkcloth tablecloth.  Inside the nest were 3 eggs that I found at Tuesday Morning

DSC00733The pattern for the bird’s body came from this blog.  I modified it slightly in order to stuff, have in a profile and for the beak to be open.  The bird is made also from felted wool.  I added some feathers to it to make the tail.  For legs I used craft wire that I wrapped and shaped into bird feet so it could sit atop the eggs. 

I blinged out the nest by wrapping it with bits of a candle ring.  I used the stem of the ring in order to make an arch for the back of the nest.  It was wrapped with the stems also.  The bird needed a bit of the stem to carry in her beak to complete the look. 



Christine, I hope you liked it and it arrived all in one piece.  I wrapped it tightly and placed it in a box within the box so it wouldn’t move. 

It was a lot of fun to make the nest and to add the bling!