Edward Scissorhands was a glorious movie and one of my favorite scenes is where he is cutting the hedges and making the most wonderful creations.  They were magical, whimsical and truly extraordinary.  Well, I don’t have scissors for hands, but they were in my hands a lot this weekend. 

I have a swap to get finished, the Speckled Egg’s Sweet Little Nest Swap.  The last day to mail is the 1st of March.  I decided on my plan, but hit a real snag when it came to the bird I wanted to make for it.  Enter blog tutorials, Martha Stewart and a bird I saw on Etsy.  Fast forward to me creating all 3 that I found.  In the end, I can’t show you the birdy victor as that would spoil my partner’s surprise. 


I can show you Martha’s bird that didn’t make the cut.  I left off the comb and waddles as I wanted it to be a bird and not a chicken. 

In the end it was too large for the nest that I created.  It mentions in the instructions to add beans to make it sit upright.  I would recommend that as this one now flops around like a Weeble, but this chick does fall down!  I didn’t add the beans as it was to sit on a nest. 

Also, the beak is really too long! 

DSC00731The mail this weekend was awesome again.  Jacky, from Portugal, and I did a 1:1 swap.  I sent her a Button Fairy so she could see how they were made and in return Jacky sent me her first attempt.  Pretty great, wouldn’t you agree?  I love the Fimo clay buttons she used for the tail and how she made the wings. 

Speaking of Fimo buttons, she sent me a bunch of them, too.  They were inside a matchbox she made and there was also a little picture. 


I cannot begin to imagine what I will make using them.  They are so cool and the textures on some of them are awesome.  Thanks Jacky, you were a great partner. 

DSC00727 Smiles and Sunshine sent me an e-mail asking how to get some of the clay faces that I made.  Since I am still learning the technique we agreed to a 1:1 swap.  She sent me a shabby chic Dotee doll she created and I sent her some faces. 

I love the fabric she made her with and the way she created her braids, too.  She was packed neatly in a Velamints tin.  How cute is that?  She is tiny, cute, and minty fresh, too!

Lastly, I bought a couple of pendants from Sam I Am.  Sandy creates lovely pendants and bubbles which she sells on the Pfatt Marketplace.  I contacted her to ask if she could make me a LOL bubble pendant.  While I was checking out the beading she adds to the pendants, I found this bluebird with the best quote.  She sent them to me via priority mail at no extra cost, so I had them in days. 


Could the week be any better than my weekend?  Cross your fingers! :O)