I watched Sunday Morning today.  They profiled the man who created the Duty Free shops at the airports.  He has given away most of his entire fortune to a trust which donates his money to charity.  To date it totals 8 billion dollars of giving.  He kept 5 million to live on.  What a great legacy to leave behind.  He did all of this anonymously and was outed recently through no desire of his own. 

I found this NY  Times article about other anonymous donors.  Now I know that I don’t have millions, but I can still make a difference in the lives of others by giving.  I can give my time, my talents, and my stuff.  We can all do something to help our fellow man. 

I have some links on the left side of this page in the giving back section to Ethiopia Reads, Kiva.org, and the Second Harvest Food Bank.  These are the charities that I give to monetarily.  It is certainly not a lot, but to someone that has nothing it is the world!

What better day than today to start a legacy?