Short, sweet & to the point! 

Sorry to “shortcrafty” you, but this early morning stuff is kicking my night owl backside.  The old crafty body doesn’t do changes so well especially in the ole sleep pattern.

Prince Edward Island Locator Map

Here is what I was up to last night:

Packaged the ATCs and Dotee Dolls for the 1:1 Swap with Susan.  Susan lives in the land of Anne of Green Gables on Prince Edward Island in Canada.  She contacted me via the e-mail on my blog to ask if I would like to swap.  I thought what a great opportunity to have some fun and meet another artist from up north.  As soon as she receives them I will post the pics. 

Filled out a custom’s form for the package.

Today I get to head in a bit later so it will give me time to hit the post office before work to mail the package to Susan. 

Prince Edward Island Facts

Have a great day!