Before I start the “flashing”, let’s cover some other topics…

  1. Why when you are shopping and you see something you want do you stop the cart in the middle of the aisle caddy-corner to block all through traffic?
  2. Why do you look for a street with a string of cars on your bumper because you are cruising at oh….5 mph and not pull over so we can pass?
  3. Why when you are in a store and I am checking the rack beside where you are looking do you feel that is reason to engage me in a lengthy conversation about your purchases and the use of each?
  4. Why do you place your cart in line at the checkout and then say, “oh I forgot something” and then leave your cart there and expect me to push it up for you until you come back with an armload of additional items?
  5. And the one that sends me over the edge… Why, oh why do you stop in the middle of an aisle when I have been on your heels for the entire time and then when I finally utter “excuse me” play like you had no idea I was there?

Whew, that feels better.  Those are some of the things that make me go hmmmmm….and they all happened to me yesterday in short order!

{deep cleansing breaths}

Now on to a happier place and time.  My swap pressies were received by my partners so I can reveal the items I sent

First, the Valentine Button Fairies I sent to TraySeeH, YooperHill, and rubberstampcollector  for the swap-bot swap. 

valentine fairy 3
valentine fairy 2
valentine fairy 1

I am still finding the blue Martha Stewart glitter everywhere.  I am starting to think it is pro-creating itself. 

Next up is the Three Altered Charms for Thee for Lisapotterylady, jstubbs, and qmock again for a swap-bot swap.  Below are front/back of each.

altered charm1
altered charm1 back

altered charm2altered charm2 back
altered charm3
altered charm3 back

MaryAnn and I are doing a 1:1 swap.  I sent her this pendant and she is sending me one of her Uglies

owl pendant
owl pendant back

So, I have been busy creatively.  I am still working on Barb’s hanging heart for the Sweet Goodness swap.  Some assembly is still required.  (Psst…Barb that is another hint!)

Have a great day!