It was a great mail day today!  First up is the gifts I received from Dolly of From My Cherry Heart for the Oh So Charming Itty Bitty Valentine Swap.  It is pink perfection.  The box was wrapped in pink paper with hearts and a paper doily heart.  So precious, I hated to open it.  Inside were pressies so I tore away!  Now it resembles heart confetti!

dolly’s loot

Inside were 3 itty bittys, some Hershey kisses (YUMMERS!), a pink felt heart, and a sweet heart shaped little doll.  So sweet and in my fav color of pink.  Thanks, Dolly!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

Next up is the button fairy I received from Grandmaroro from the Swap-bot Valentine Button Fairy Swap.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a blog for me to link or a flickr page.  (Joan, let me know if you have either and I will link them.) 

g’roro button fairy

Pretty little lovely with flowers and beads in her hair.  I love the little beads on the end of her tail.  So cute, thanks Grandmaroro!  She also sent along some cute stickers, too!

As if that is not enough, I received my giveaway prize from MaryAnn of A Very Mary

maryann giveaway

The quotations in the book are great.  My particular favorite is Barbara Bush’s quote on Bill and Monica.  I always loved Babs because she looked like a Grandmom, but was pretty “salty” at times!  She also sent some book pages in various languages for my papercrafting exploits.  If you read this post, you will understand why I laughed as I saw the labels on the pages. 

Lastly, is the Etsy purchase I made from Jane’s Apron.  I have loved her clipboards using vintage pattern packages and pattern books for some time.  I especially loved this one as it reminded me of every outfit of Mary Tyler Moore as Laura Petrie on the old Dick Van Dyke show

janes clipboard

Isn’t it great?  I plan to add a magnet to hang on my fridge and use it for my grocery list and coupons.  Thanks, Julie!

The interview went well today.  I should know something by Friday.  I have another tomorrow morning so will be on the scarce side for another day.  Remember how I said that sometimes I get dates wrong in my head?  Here is a case in point…I was re-reading the interview confirmation for tomorrow’s interview…and it is Wednesday.  So I will be around TOMORROW and scarce on WEDNESDAY!  Wouldn’t that have been great to show up 24 hours early!  Eager is good, but not 23 hours and 45 minutes worth of it!  OMG!   

Hope your week is a great one!