I was thinking today how I am inspired.  How I can rough out a concept and then in the blink of an eye, the click of a mouse, the view of a blog post it is all changed.  Such is my process.


I am working on my swap for the Sweet Goodness Hanging Hearts Valentine Swap.  My partner for this swap is Barb whose blog is Woof Nanny.  I was really psyched to be partnered with Barb for this one as her blog is one of the first blogs that I read way back when I was learning what a blog was. 

Barb is a pet sitter (hence the blog name) and loves necktie crafts.  I thought, “this is like phoning it in!”  I will do a heart with a dog wearing a necktie.  This will be easy.  Enter one of Barb’s recent bloggy posts.  Well, I would give it away if I lead you to her post that completely changed my project, but suffice it to say that when I read it the “light” went on and viola (whala, shazzam) there was “the project”. 

I have spent the last 2 days working on it in drips and drabs, walking past, gazing at it, wondering what else does it need?  It amazes me the collection of crap goodness I have amassed.  I go looking for something and then I find something else.  Often, I buy things not knowing what the heck I am going to use it for, but eventually I see something and take off running and, lo and behold, I have the item already.  This is how the domino pendants happened, I bought them and then when I saw the idea there they were. 

It is just about finished (1-2 more days of looking at it) and it is better than I could have ever imagined.  I have been trying to get better with inking the edges of items and peppering Heidi with questions, but it all worked out perfectly in this case.  Barb, I am not tooting my own horn (oh heck, YES, I AM), but you are going to love this.  (I will let you know the post that inspired it all in the note I send with it.) 

In between the work on Barb’s swap pressie, I have done the top stitching on the cozies and made some brooches for the new shop to deliver on Tuesday.  So work goes on. 

bird brooches

The background of these is a collage page printed on vellum and the bird images are from a field guide for birding I found at the Goodwill.  I like how the vellum works.  I have printed on paper and had the mod podge (I glue it down with) smear the image.  Not with the vellum, it worked very well. 

I have an interview today in the late afternoon so will be scarce.  On Tuesday, I have another in the morning.  What a difference the New Year brings!  Cross fingers, toes, eyes (not if you are driving!) and say a couple of prayers along the day.  I can use them! 

Hope your week is starting well!

P.S. Barb, if you are reading the letter B is your sneak peek!  No help whatsoever is it?  Ask Christy how helpful I am with the sneak peeks!