…if you’ll show me yours or so that famous line goes.  I have a lot of swap items in the works now that I cannot reveal until they are received.  There is a lot of activity with the glitter flying, the sewing machine humming, the mod podge podging, and on and on and on…  There are also the ideas that are mulling in the brain and the sketches so that the brain retains that thought.  So is my crafty madness!

I can show you a few items that have been received.

First, I completely forgot to reveal this button fairy that Britta received.  I thought I had shown it, but had not.  Britta is the person that organizes the swap-bot button fairy swaps. 

britta button fairy

Next, we move onto the itty bitty valentines I sent to Dolly for that swap.  The valentines were to be 3″ square.  I had shown a tease with the packaging earlier.  Now I can reveal what was inside.

These are the Valentines I created for her.  They were 2 sided.  I used my heart shaped yo-yo maker by Clover in the small size for the heart yo-yos.  I also had the idea to make one that was filled with heart confetti that you could shake about.  I accomplished this by sewing netting to the back of one Valentine and then adding in the confetti.  I framed it with some lace.  Lots of glitter was used as I wanted them to be all prissy for the holiday. 


I also made her a heart/button garland for the holiday and found a chocolate/white polka dot with a heart pocket apron at the Goodwill to complete the package. 


garland apron

To make the garland, I used white baker’s twine for the string, I cut some silk petals into heart shapes and also some felt hearts (I found them pre-cut at World of Mirth in Carytown).  I sewed them on with some buttons on top to give it a bit of heft.  The background is her apron. 

Dolly, I hope you enjoyed it!

I received a call from another shop last week to bring some more items.  I am in the process of making some brooches, cozies and pendants to take.  More on that later, but here are the cozies in progress.
Isn’t the vegetable fabric cute?  Since it was a fat quarter I bought on sale, I don’t know who made it.  The brassiere fabric I bought one fat quarter of and then went back to get more as I thought it would be a hit and it was all gone.  I found it was made by Timeless Treasures.  I found it on Ebay from a seller in Canada and with the exchange rate/postage, I got it cheaper than buying from a US company.  There are a few yards left, so hurry if you are interested!
Have a great day!