I don’t know if you remember that movie with Tipi Hedren, Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds.  I didn’t realize it came out in 1963, that is the year I was born, hmmmm…  My Dad and I used to watch old black and white movies together so I have seen a whole lot that were made long before I arrived in this world or was a glimmer in my Dad’s thought process! 

Anywho, it was about birds that terrorized a town and attacked/killed people.  It was quite the site to see the sky black with these attacking birds that looked a lot like crows.  To this day when I see a large flock of birds in trees I get a bit uneasy.

This is how Tippi spent most of the movie fleeing from the birds.  They were really scary.

So how do I now salvage this post to bring it around to birdie goodness?  Maybe by prefacing it with these birds are not black, but colorful ones with bits of fabric, felt, glitter, paper, sequins and glue?  Maybe by saying they are quaint, lovely and make me smile, not feel wary?  Oh heck, maybe I should just show them.  (Note that I am not fleeing them in any of the pictures!)

First, from Olive at Etsy, the sweetest little felt and fabric bird brooches. 

olive brooches

I love the graphic birds and the simplicity of the brooch. 

Also, I love details even in the packaging.  The Etsy sellers are so great about personalizing your purchase.  Is this not the sweetest packaging?  My birdies were inside.  It is tissue with the red border and thanks stitched to close it.

olive thanks

It IS all about the details!

I did a 1:1 swap with Debora who I met through Flickr when she commented on my Hobbit pendant.  I offered to send it to her and she in kind offered me one of her ATCs.  I got it in the mail this week and this is so lovely.

debora ATC

Birds with crowns won’t hurt me, right?  Glittery birds won’t make a mess of me, right? 

And since Cindy is Crafty I made some wallpaper envelopes to test a thought I had the other evening.  I want something pretty to place some Valentine swap items in and decided to give it a shot.  They sewed up very well as the paper was thicker and more like fabric.

wallpaper envelope

I folded it into 3rds (ish) then sewed 3 sides including the fold edge.  I added the loop of vintage ribbon to close it and sewed on a vintage button with craft thread (similar to embroidery, but doesn’t separate).  I used my pinking shears to cut the flap edges. 

A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because
it has a song.
~Chinese Proverb

Hope the week is flying along!

P.S. If you dare, you can watch it here (a scene from the movie) and see why I am leery of birds in large bunches.  Watched it?  You can understand now, right?