This has been a great holiday.  Crafting, munching, visiting, train gardens, dinners, sweets, and on and on and on.  Did I mention sweets?  I made myself a loaf of the Pumpkin Cranberry bread along with 2 others to take with me, received several types of homemade candies from Louise, and (oh yeah) bought some, too.  So it has been sew a bit, eat a bit, run for a snack, glue a coat, play with some wire, get a snack…it is a vicious, but rewarding cycle!

On the Sunday before Christmas I decided to get out the felted wool and make myself a present.  So a couple of hours later I had this.


The red is more a true red instead of the tomatoey that it looks.  I put lots of pockets inside and made this one more hobo baggish.  I love that style.  The lining fabric is some vintage fabric I found at a thrift shop over the summer.  Someone had made one pair of curtains and had a couple of yards of leftover fabric and I got both the fabric and the curtains.  Becky from BB’s Cottage (no website, but if you are in Colonial Heights it is in the shops by Ivy Memorial Church).  Becky is really good to me as I am a real regular browser.  I buy a lot of vintage fabrics from her and she always makes me promise to show her what I make.  She is great about keeping an eye out for what I am seeking for me, too.  Great lady, so if you live in the area check her out. 
I bought this book on clearance at Wal-mart a few weeks ago. 

Art To Wear

Here is the link from if you want to learn more about it.  There are a few projects I want to try in it, but this one I worked on over the last couple of days.

mm trims

The base is 5 pages from an old dictionary that were decopaged together.  I didn’t have the required brayer so used a rolling pin in the interim.  I then inked the pages a bit, added the piece of scrapbook paper, the image from a storybook and decoupaged it all.  I then added the rivets (which I don’t like at ALL!), wire, and the stone at the bottom to give it a bit of heft. 

I have it out and keep looking at it to decide how to eliminate the rivet part.  An idea hit me this morning and am going to try it on the next one.   

Saturday, I went to visit Torman and drop off some stuff.  James had made this lovely ballerina and I bought it before he had even determined what to sell it for. 


I love how he hung her from ribbons on an old half of a hinge.  He is very artistic and is forever rescuing things from the trash.  He has made some killer displays with items from the trash.  They are going to start a blog soon for the shop.  They no longer have their website as they had some issues finding someone to update it reasonably for them.  I will link it as soon as they do.  In the interim they are located at 29N. 17th St. in the bottom area of Richmond, VA. 

Lastly, I left a comment when the Michael Miller blog was giving away samples of their new bias trim and ruffle rac and it arrived before the holiday. 

mm trims

Black and white ruffle rac and pink dotted bias tape, I feel a prissy tote in my future.  I love black/white with pink.  Too sweet a combo. 

They let me know with the package that the entire color line will be available in January from JCaroline Creative.  So go and scoop some up for yourself!

Well, that was a lot that I had been sitting on since Christmas.  Hope yours was a great one, too!