I made the ice skate ornaments using the tutorial from Not Quite Vintage with one tiny change.  I couldn’t find red sequins at Wal-Mart unless I wanted to pick them out of a bag of a million mixed ones (not going to happen) and the substitute seed beads I bought would not fit on the needle I had to use for the floss, so…I made french knots instead. 

You know how I like non-traditional holiday colors, so there is pink.  Girly skates?  Romantic holiday skates?  You decide. They whip up very quickly.

ice skates

I made 9 sets.  You never know who might show up at the Daniel’s (the family I spend the holidays with) and I want to be sure every family has a little something from me.  It is funny to see the expressions on the faces of the people that have never been there and I have not met when they get one.  If no one shows then each family gets 2!  Just a big elf, I am!

I had seen a pillowcase grocery tote tutorial on-line, but couldn’t get in my head what the person was trying to convey.  I am very visual, but was confused by what she was trying to convey about the corners.  So, I did my own thing and since the pillowcase was a king that I used it was quite roomy.


I cut off the top border and then cut it at the sides to make the handles.  I tri-folded them and then stitched 2 straight lines on them.  The remaining pillowcase was folded in half and then cut at that mid-point.  Since the one half had the hem all around the outside of the bag is already sewn together for you.  Now, sew the other half leaving an opening at the bottom to pull the bag through. 

You can make the boxed corners if you prefer by folding the corner and measuring (I used 2″).  Then sew a straight line  and then a zig zag on the point side.  Cut off the point side.  Do this to both the inner and outer pieces.

With the insides facing one another sew the top all the way around.  Turn it right side out.  I don’t sew the bottom seam closed until I am sure I am all good after the ironing.  Iron the top seam flat and then sew around with about a 1/2″ seam allowance.  Iron again.  Sew the bottom closed.

Now the handles.  Measure from the sides of the bag in 6″ (or however much works for yours) and about 1.75″ down on the front.  (Note: You may need to adjust all measurements for the handles based on your case).  Pin the handle onto the front of the tote.  Then sew the handle on with a square and then an X across the middle of the square for strength. 

Now, admire your new tote!  What a great way to recycle that pillowcase with the missing/ruined mate!  They go together so quickly they make a great quick gift, too.  And bonus, they are good for our environment! 

If you make one let me know as I would love to share it. 

Hope you are all ready for the holiday to come!