He seems to be bringing me packages that are ALMOST making up for the post office messes.  Yesterday was a great mail day.

First, there was a completely unexpected fabric postcard from Barbara


It is lovely with the faintest tree pattern to the background fabric and the decorated tree.  It is lovely, thanks Barbara!

Next, I did a trade with Sue.  I had some dominos that I couldn’t use and offered them up to her as I thought they might be the ones she was looking for.  To say thanks, she let me pick 2 of her new pendants.  How sweet that she sent me both with another tied on the package. 


I wore one today and got so many compliments!  Thanks, Sue!

Lastly, I received the felty pins from my swap-bot swap.  They are the cutest things that I have ever seen.  Patabearsent me some kawai items and some beachy stickers also. 


I love how she used fur yarn to make the whale’s spray.  The elephant is just so tiny and pink.  Too cute! 

I can show you my Christmas postcard now that Kate has received it. 

christmas postcard

She and I did a 1:1 swap.  This card was inspired by a card I saw on a paper cardmaking blog.  It used strips of various ribbons to make the tree.  I used some fabric ribbons to make the tree and the pot that holds it.  The stem is from some edges of the Vera towel I used for the tote I sent to Abbie. 

I did a 1:1 swap-bot swap with Tangled Threads.  I sent her this button fairy that I gave you a sneak peek of earlier.  Since it was delivered today, I can show it to you.

button fairy

And since she loves the Eastern Mountain Bluebird so I made her this bluebird felty pin.  I thrifted a book a while ago about Eastern birds and on the inside they had a silhouette of this bird.  I kind of freehanded this one a bit. 


And here is the part where the humor comes in.  Please immediately read this post  by Miss Sandy about her Christmas “miss”hap.   I laughed so hard that I piddled.  And who of us has not ever uttered the words, “I will, at the next commercial” to our parents.

Hope the week went well!