First, the WIPs


I finished Nathan’s robot can.  I added the Acme (everyone needs an Acme robot, right?) and the N is for Nathan and the 07 is for the year it was sent. 


I started cutting out the button fairies for my swap-bot swaps.  I am participating in 2, a 1:1 and a group swap.  I need to make 4 total. 

Next, check out my 1:1 Christmas postcard swap from Kate


The snowflake almost seems to float on top.  It is not completely bonded and appears to be made from interfacing.  It came from England and made the trip beautifully!  She should be receiving mine any day now and I will post it once I know she has received it.

Kate used paper for the back.  I never thought to stitch paper for the backing.  I might have to give it a try.

Now for the DRUMROLL part!

I placed all of the names of the people who left a comment on this post  in a pretty bowl.


Since there is no cute assistant to do the choosing, I put my hand in and picked this one


The South has risen again…er….Southern Girl  has won!  Let me know what you would like and where to send it via my e-mail address at the top left of my this page. 

Hope your week is going well!