Cinny do!  I love reading blogs and getting inspired, getting new ideas, and because I am nosy and want to know what you are up to!  You never cease to amaze me with your creativity. 

Yesterday, I saw a post on showing a wreath made from a coiled pipe cleaner.   I had to stop at Michaels to get some candy canes to finish my snowmen, so while I was there I bought some pipe cleaners and embellishments for the holiday.  The candy canes I bought for the snowmen to use for arms.


Wrap a pipe cleaner around a pencil tightly and then stretch it out a bit (each wreath takes 2).  I then coiled the ends into each other to form the wreath.  Add some embellishments and a bit of ribbon and you are in business.  Minutes of time and you have an heirloom. 

Next, I was onto a felted wool and button ring I saw.  As you know, I have a plethora of felted wool and buttons. 


Cut the felted wool, blanket stitch it together and then sew on the button.  This one was a button that I found thrifting yesterday.  Isn’t it cool!  You can make them a bit smaller as they stretch a bit and depending on how much you wear it might get too big if you make it to size.  Cute, original, and fun! 

Lastly, I finished (a few days ago) my Christmas fabric postcard for my 1 :1 swap with Kate.  Since I believe she checks my blog, here is a sneak peek.  I will mail it at the end of next week to her in England, after she has received it I will post the entire card.  It was inspired by a posting on a card making blog I saw.


The background fabric is from this thrifted fabric

Tomorrow is the Grand Illumination, the Holiday Market, the Bizarre Bazaar is in town and there is lots and lots to do!  Enjoy the rest of your week!