I went to Diversity Thrift  yesterday and they had 2 totes of scarves marked at $1 each.  Since I love scarves and handmade stuff, I dug around.  Imagine my surprise when out I pulled this shawl.


I thought this must be a mistake and checked it carefully for the tag with the real price on it.  It was not there.  Diversity has a policy that if it is not priced that you cannot buy it that day.  It is sent to be priced and you can buy it another day.  I took it to the register and let them know where I found it and got it for $1!  HOW COOL IS THAT! 

 It is in perfect condition with no holes, pulls or stains.  I am thrilled!  Wraps, scarves and such are the greatest for this time of year.  When you never know how the temp will go.  Also, since I am a plus size kinda girl, it was also stunning that it fit with enough to wrap over the shoulder.  Ah….life is good!

I also got some fabric scraps, small satin roses, a wee book, a vintage dictionary, a Japanese piano chord book, and 2 smallish cookbooks for a friend that loves cookbooks.  All for the great sum of $5 total including my shawl.

The necktie flowers are still in progress since I was out most of the day yesterday.  All that is left are the buttons (covered for the daisies) and uncovered for the roses. 


To make the covered buttons for the daisies, I use large flat buttons, a bit of batting, and a yo-yo of fabric.  I stuff the yo-yo, cover the button and then sew it tight around it.  I then sew the button to the fabric from the sides of the button instead of using the holes.

Hope the week is starting well!