Does it?  I cannot tell you how many times I have made something, bought something, had an urge to thrift, etc that it didn’t hit on something.  Let me explain…

I made this brooch for a swap recently.  The recipient sent me a thank you recently and let me know that she loved it because she lived in a yellow cape cod and it reminded her of her home.  I sent my swap package to Christy.  In it I placed a small quilt pattern that I thought she might like.  She never mentioned liking quilting to me I just thought she would like it.  This was her comment: a miniature quilt pattern (rotary cutting & topstitching! I love topstitching!)  I had no idea!

Yesterday I was driving around on an errand to drop off some items to a friend and had an urge to go to the local Goodwill.  Look what I found!

swap haul

I found vintage Holly Hobbie fabric, vintage barkcloth, some lovely vintage poppy fabric and a really cool vintage sheet that matches my curtains in my craft room! 

And the best part of the visit is this:


A 1939 edition of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer with the original dust jacket!  The illustrations are lovely, the pages still intact, no coloring or pencil.  It is a jewel.  I thought I might use it for the images, but a book this lovely and nearly perfect must be kept in tact. 

So do we, the creative, have a 6th sense?  If so, mine must be firing on all six cylinders lately!

 Have a great turkey day!