My sweet sister, Christy, spoiled me once again!  Look at this lovely wrapping on my presents!


All of the presents were wrapped in fabric.  I commented on her blog about a piece of recent thrifty fabric she found and lo and behold, there it is (the yellow one)!  It is all in the little details.

Here was the goodness inside:


Some thrifted neckties for my crafts, Christmas holiday tags, a leaf dish filled with Reese’s (of which I am recovering from the tummy ache this morning), fabric, a stamping book for inspiration, some fall flowers and a scarecrow, and a turkey place card holder.

But the best part is this!


Her sewing is impeccable and all of the letters are sewn on and the thread is the straightest and perfectly outlines each letter, too.  A girl that lives in the land of “winging it” can only appreciate details like that.  When my stitches go a bit wonky, I make it all go a bit wonky so it looks like I planned it that way! 

And how appropriate was it that I received and opened this package right after I finished my Thankful post of yesterday.  The mailman rang the bell just as I hit publish.  Thanks, Christy for another great swap package!  You can see the goodies I sent to her here.

Image from Simply Green

I have mentioned before how Anthropologie gives me so much eye candy and inspiration.  Danny blogged about a window they have in the store made from recycled materials.  How lovely!  I appreciate their displays so much and often go to browse and check out the sale homegoods.  You can read more about this window here

And, did you read today that Neil Diamond finally acknowledged that his song Sweet Caroline was inspired by Caroline Kennedy?  I LOVE Neil and he can feel free to write a song about me any time.  Crafty Cindoline, perhaps?  Forever in Crafts, maybe?  Crafts on the Rocks?  Forever in Buttons?  Okay, I will stop NOW!