Here is where I stand at day 5:

  1. Finish brooches
  2. Coffee cozies (cut fronts, sew, and sew buttons to close)
  3. Crocheted flower brooches(starchand sew on buttons/pinbacks)
  4. Journals
  5. Totes (May not make them as I am working on another item) I decided to not make the totes.  See new item below.
  6. Button push pins

Here are the cup cozie fronts all cut and ready to be pinned and sewed. 

cup cozies

Today will be spent sewing these together, turning/pressing, and sewing the outside stitches.  Buttons will probably wait for Friday evening after dinner/movie with my friend Brenda.  We are hitting an early movie and then a bite to eat. 

I also worked on some booth and show prep items.  Using Heidi’s inspiration, I made a banner for my booth.  She blogged about the process and where she found the circle letters.  You can find them here courtesy of Allsorts.  I used Word and formatted the picture to 4″ then printed and cut the letters.  This was the first banner I have made.  Heidi, I will save the crepe borders, etc for another time.

Behind the banner are my thrifted drapes from the Goodwill in the craft room.  Not the greatest pic of them, but there nonetheless!

I purchased brown paper lunch bags and used my $1 stamp from Michaels to stamp on them.  The stamp I purchased said thanks and thank you in several different types of fonts.  I punched two holes at the top of the bag in the center side by side to thread through some of the raffia ribbon I cut into lengths to make a bow.  Quick, simple and easy!

Here is the long teased about substitution for the tote bags.  I made some necktie scarves.  It is super easy.  You buy a thrifted tie, sew a buttonhole on the front, make the opening about 17.5″ to 18″ (depending on your preference), sew on a vintage button and sew up the end that you cut off. 

necktie scarvesnecktie scarf

My other passion is scarves.  I have a ton of them and add them often to my outfits to give them a bit of jazz.  So this will be a new addition to my obsession.  The brown/white one is for me.  I loved the tie when I first found it and had my eye on it all along. 

Since it is my nature to try new things, I was reading on swap-bot about a pendant swap.  In her description of the swap she mentioned that she glued the images to dominoes.  I had bought a jar of various colored dominoes a while back.  I didn’t know what to do with them or why I was buying them, but now I do. 

First, drill a hole in the domino.  Then, mod podge an image to the front (I used an image from this scrapbook paper), print some of your favorite quotes very small (8 font) and mod podge them to the back.  Sand the edges a bit on the picture side, mod podge again to seal the picture/quote to the front and back (make sure you go over the sides, too), add a bale made out of twisting sterling silver wire or use a couple of jump rings and you’re done.  It still needs a bit of tweaking, but I really like how they turned out.  They are super easy and the longest part was waiting for the mod podge to dry.   

tree pendant

Lesson learned in this process is to make sure you know how wide you need the opening so you don’t have to go back later and try to make it larger as the chain doesn’t fit.  I placed them on a tag that I embellished for a couple of quick gifts for friends.  My friends love it when I am “perfecting” a craft as they get lots of freebies! 

That is what I am doing here.  Hope your week is going well!  I think I might take a break to buy some marked down Halloween candy.  Ah…crafting through the sugar rush, it doesn’t get any better than that!