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I created a couple of new totes for Torman


I free handed the leaf stem and the veins inside it.  I had to do the large leaf as there was a large graphic on the front that I had to cover.  The fabric at the bottom of the mushroom is from a vintage dress that I thrifted as I liked the fabric.  It also strategically covers some printing on the tote bag. 

I signed up for a button fairy swap on Swap-bot.  It is based on this work.  Aren’t they sweet?

Through swap-bot I met a very creative lady on my last Dotee Swap.  Check out the great work of BrendaLea aka Prpldy15.  She will soon have a blog, but in the interim check out the plethora of goodness on her flickr page.  Her ATCs, her beaded dolls and pins.  Man, oh man…

Hope your week started well!

I found this great pack of cards at the Goodwill this afternoon.  They are great to use for tags on gift packages.

50 things

I picked 3 of my favorites from the 50 choices.



Consider this your daily affirmation that you do everything right, that you are great, nobody does it better than you, you are beautiful, and yes…you can have that extra piece of cake! 

Hope you are enjoying the weekend!


Some days it is really nice to open the mailbox!  I got a few more goodies in the mail today.  It certainly takes away the sting of the bills that were there, too.

First, look what Breanna made for me!  She and I agreed to do a 1:1 swap.  She was feeling a little lacking in the crafty mojo so we agreed to a swap to get her going again.  I sent her one of the pics that I had taken and she made it into a pendant for me.  I LOVE IT!  She also made me the leaf and the scrabble tile necklace with my initials. 

Breanna Items

Here is the picture a bit larger so you can see what a great job she did in reducing it.

red leaf

She also put this on the back of the pendant with my leaf picture.  I need to learn how to do that better!  Thanks again, Breanna! 

As a bit of a teaser, here is a sneak peek of your item which will go out in the mail tomorrow to you.

Sneak Peek

Also, I received my second Dotee Doll from the Swap-bot swap.  Lulu, also from Great Britian, sent this one to me.  I love that she is in my fav colors pink and yellow.  I love the necktie yo-yos on her head, the pocket filled with floss and beads.  I love all about her. 


Also, if you look closely at her “close up” you will see the sweet and delicate stitching that she used to close the doll at the top.   

Thanks, Lulu!  I really like this one! 

Lastly, as I was searching for something I misplaced (story of my life!) I found some drapery trim that I bought on a trip through Middleburg, VA this summer.  If you know anything about the area it is where the wealthiest of the wealthy live.  Robert Duvall has a farm close by, Jack Kent Cooke’s estate is there, John and Jackie Kennedy spent their weekends there.  It is also where Jackie was injured when she fell off a horse shortly before she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s.  It is horse country and home to some of my favorite thrift shopping: the White Elephant and The Second Chance to name a couple.

While I was there they were having a fabric sale.  This was a design company that caters to the rich so the fabrics were luscious.  So luscious that I couldn’t even afford them at 75% off the regular price!  I did find this drapery trim and got 3 yards in 3 different colors.  I saw a brooch in it there and here is the proof it makes a great brooch.


I used some buttons from my vintage button stash, the small locket brooch (which is marked sterling) I found in a 25 cent baggie at the Goodwill among other trinkets, and some green embroidery floss.  I got the inspiration for the floss from Vallen’s bracelets.  While you are there check out her blog and see some of her other crafty endeavors, too. 

All in all a great way to start the weekend, right?  Hope yours was great, too!

time cartoon

I had my interview today and now I wait.  They indicated they will let me know by the middle of the week next week if I get a second interview with the department VP.  They hope to make an offer by next Friday.  So now I spend the time house bound during the days and waiting for the phone to ring.  ARGH! 

I felt that the interview went very well and am expecting to be called back.  Stay tuned!

I signed up for a felt pin swap on Swap-bot.  It sounds like fun.  I have a lot of felt from the sweaters that I thrift/felt for my teacup pincushions so I thought why not. 

I stopped at Torman to waste some time between my interviews today.  (I had a second interview also, but it was not what I thought it was.)  I found that all of my embellished tote bags had sold except for the one I dropped off today with the flowers on it.   Also, a lady was there purchasing one of my crocheted brooches left from last fall/winter for her winter coat.  I need to get cracking to make some for this season.  She went on and on about how much she liked it and how cute it was.  I finally fessed up that I made it and she complimented me on the cute stuff I made.  How neat!  I think it is all cute as I make stuff I would carry/want/covet/use, but it nice to get confirmation of it firsthand. 

I got an update on my Kiva loan today.  Hector is the person I chose to lend to.  He is a brick maker. 

Hélder Alberto Massinga, 39 years old, native of Maputo, father of 3 children, grew up with his grandparents. His family’s circumstances only allowed him to study through 8th grade. As a young man, he took on responsibility for the management of a personal business and has a business selling building materials and a store for basic goods in Campoane, near the town of Boane. Through friends and a neighbor, he found out about Hluvuku-Adsema. He has requested a loan to increase his brick production. The job is well-integrated into the community, and it provides jobs for 4 workers. With the income from the business, he supports his family, his children’s school expenses, health care, and savings for the future.

With the loan of 15,000 meticais, he plans to buy raw material (sand and fine stone) to manufacture bricks, increasing sales to generate more profit.

His work has a greater impact on the community because, in addition to providing a job for himself plus 4 more people, he brings the construction material closer to Campoane residents. He has plans to increase production capacity from 720 to 1500 bricks/day.

Hector has made his first loan payment back to me.  He has 16 months to repay.  Once my entire loan is paid I can then give that repayment to someone else.  It is nice to know that I am effecting change in people’s lives in Mozambique.  It is nice that it is a hand up instead of a handout.  Way to go Hector! 

Hope you week is going well! 

Mary Emmerling's Smart Decorating: Inexpensive Projects for Every Room of the House

I bought this book the other day at Tuesday Morning.  Normally, I would only browse Mary Emmerling’s books as I like, but don’t LOVE all the cutesy stuff she does.  This book is great!  I immediately set out to find the peg racks to create one of her ideas to organize my explosion of ribbon chaos. 

I have had my ribbons occupying 2 large baskets in the corner of my craft room.  It was a chore to dig to see if I had Halloween or Christmas or (insert ribbon here) for various projects.  Now I can see at a glance what I have and what I need. 

ribbon peg boards

I know I need to paint the racks so they match, but will do that later.  I was a woman on a mission…a ribbon organizing mission!  You get two identical peg boards and hang them vertically side by side.  These are hung on the side of the old cabinet that was made for me from thrifted wood that holds my linens.  You then put your ribbons on thin dowel rods and then set the rod ends on top of the pegs.  I had some dowel overlap so I hung some on the ends, too.  As is the case I need about 1-2 more rows to finish. 

She also hung her rolls of wrapping paper on these rods also.  It was so cute and organized and of course, all the colors matched.  Best of all the total cost:

2 peg racks (thrifted) at $1.98 each
4 48″ dowel rods cut by the Home Depot man to 20″ @ 79 cents each
Total cost=$7.12 for ribbon organization loveliness! 

Check out the book as there are other great ideas and projects in it also.

Next, {singing} My Dottee flew over the ocean…My Dotee flew across the sea…My Dotee came all the way from Great Britian and from Biff to me…

Look at this lovely and the cute tag she made. Biff sent some bits and bobs, too.  Thanks Biff, she is splendid! You can check out her blog, Bluebird, here. I didn’t mention in my profile on swap-bot that I love to garden also.  I have no yard where I rent so it is clay pots and container gardening, but a little garden nonetheless.  Notice how she put some garden flourishes on her, too.  Isn’t it funny how you put stuff in a swap package and then find out they liked it when you were not aware.  It is usually the item you stress about, too. 


Thanks, Biff, she is loverly! :O) 

zizzybob oscar

Congratulations, Zizzybob from Just a Little Zizzy!  You are the only person to comment on my Pay it Forward Friday post, so you get the goodies.  E-mail me with your name and address and I will send the 2 items within 6 months. 

On a personal note, some of you know I was downsized from my last employer and as of today I have been unemployed for the last 60 days.  I have an interview on Thursday at 2:30 for a place that I REALLY want to work.  So please if you are free at 2:30 p.m. Eastern, please stop a minute and send good thoughts toward an office in Richmond, VA.  I would appreciate it greatly! 

 I will provide more details later, but don’t want to jinx it prior to the big interview. 

 As always I appreciate each and every one of you greatly! 

Have you heard about bloglines?  Do you use bloglines?  OMG, this is the greatest.  I have about ohhhhh….50+ blogs I check in on and from time to time get frustrated that there is nothing new when I click on the blog.  Bloglines keeps all of the blogs in one place and lets me know when it has been posted to.  How great is that.  {Sound of seasoned blogline users laughing hysterically at the newbie!}

Anywho, it takes a bit to set it up, but the benefits and time savings far outweigh the time invested.  I am about 1/2 way through adding my blogs. 

Today, the thrift gods were good to me.  Look what I scored at the Goodwill!  It is all drapery weight fabric and about 1 yard each.  I got each piece for 99 cents. 

Thrift Fabric

The second piece from the right is actually a soft lime green on the flowers and the same color as the lime in she swirly piece on the left.  Still learning the digital camera (sorry). 

And another hint for my Sweet Swap Sister, Christy…..

What is orange and black, sweet and scary, smelly and crafty, and soon flyin’ on its way to you?

Hope your week started well! 

I have always been inspired by Lotta Jansdotter’s fabrics and designs.  They are primitive to me and very sculptural.  I have particularly been impressed by this design.  This is my take on the design. 

vase flower messenger

I found the vase image using Google image finder.  The flowers you might remember from this post.  I used the smaller flower for the template.

And remember it is not too late to enter a comment for the Pay It Forward I mentioned here.    I will give everyone until tomorrow night (Monday, the 15th) at midnight. 

Hope your weekend was a great one!

Pay it Forward 

Following the example of Southern Girl on her blog Southern Girl Musings, I will pay it forward.  Everyone that comments will have their name placed in a cup and I will pick 2 and pay it forward.  In the next 6 months, I will send you 2 items that I create just for you.  All I ask is that if you comment and have a blog that you do the same if I pick you.  If I don’t pick you, you can still pay it forward if you want to pass along the crafty love, too. 

If you have been lurking, peeking and not speaking up it is an ideal time for you to comment..  I truly appreciate each and every one of my visitors and want to share some of the wealth and give back a bit, too.  So comment away and your gifts will be on their way within 6 months (just long enough to forget about it and be surprised). 

And now I present to you the Friday Funny courtesy of Youtube

Magic Show

Have a great weekend!

thrift fabric

Look what $3 bought me at the Thrifty Quaker!  What a haul of fabric, huh?  In my crafts and sewing I tend to use smaller pieces of fabric so grab bags like this are ideal.  At times, I might only want 1-2 pieces out of the bag so I buy it take out the ones I want and donate back the rest before I leave. 

But wait there’s more that I found at Attic Treasures…

thrift goodies

I found the pumpkin garland and the wire pumpkin garland there for $2.  In the center is the potholder that Rebecca from Sweet Goodness Swaps sent me for the swap button I sent to them (they chose another, but were nice enough to send me a prize anyway). 

Here is a close up of the potholder…


I love the colors and the rose in the center.  It is made from a cotton yarn.  Thanks Rebecca and the Goodness girls (who put on one heck of a swap).

These 2 fabrics are my pick of the litter and worth the $3 by themselves to me.

2 fabrics

Aren’t they sweet?  I love the hippos the most!  Can’t wait to figure out something to make out of that. 

If you are in the Richmond area here are the details on the shops:

The Thrifty Quaker
We are a non-profit thrift shop benefitting a different charity each month. We are run by Midlothian Friends Meeting (Quakers). Community nominates charities.
13567 Midlothian Turnpike
Midlothian, VA  23113
(804) 794-7158

Attic Treasures
13453 Midlothian Turnpike, Ste B2
Midlothian, VA 23113
Phone: (804) 794-4456

Tomorrow night is Friday for the Arts in Petersburg.  You can check out the events here.  The weather is cooler and it will be a great time to enjoy the fall weather and some art, too.  My friend, Ellen Murphy of My Beading Heart will be showing her jewelry at 3 Divas on Boilingbrook Street.  Ellen makes her own glass beads and then creates fabulous jewelry items with them using sterling silver.  They are great creations and she will have her Christmas beads at this show.  If you are there check it out and tell her I sent you! 

Christy, if you are reading here is a Halloween riddle and a swap hint for you:

What is scary and sweet and every kid thinks it cannot be beat? 

Guess you will have to wait to find out if you are right! <[:-P  <–sad attempt at witch smilie!

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