Well, I can cross another “to do” off of my list.

  1. Finish brooches
  2. Coffee cozies
  3. Crocheted flower brooches(starch and sew on buttons/pinbacks)
  4. Journals
  5. Totes
  6. Button push pins

Here are the fruits of my labor yesterday.  I covered buttons and used vintage covered/uncovered buttons to complete these.  They are the perfect $1 item and great for kiddies looking to spend a buck burning in their pockets. 




In case you are wondering, yes I individually glued each and every button to the pushpin. 


I use a bulletin board to work on and cover it with Glad cling wrap to keep the glue off the board and it makes those buttons where the glue comes through the holes easily come off the board, too.  E6000 glue is my glue of choice.  The vintage fabric buttons had to have the shank cut off first.  I got the forms for the smaller buttons that I covered without the shanks from JCaroline Creative.    You can find them here.  They are available in various sizes, too.  The one that I linked fits perfectly with the pushpins as they fit exactly inside them.

You can also use the longer clear pushpins to make them, too.  Those are perfect for affixing to a shelf and hanging necklaces, using for a decoration, holiday stocking or a favorite picture.  They also look great on your bulletin board with that special button that you cannot part with.  And bonus, too, they are great for a friend that sews for a last minute gift.  You can use a set of 6 buttons.

I learned something as I was making the covered buttons, if you have some fabric hanging out you can pull it all out and the button cover opens up so you can reuse it.  You can see the small ones that I covered better in the last picture above with the large purple one. 

Now, on to the starching of the crocheted flowers.  I am also toying with trying a new item.  I have to play a bit with making a buttonhole first in order to do it.  This evening I will cut out the fabric and felt for the cup cozies. 

Hope your week is progressing well!