Well, the list is doing the trick.  I am hopeful that by the weekend I can give myself a treat for a job well done and completed. 

Here is another work in progress, the crocheted flower brooches.  I crocheted all of the flowers last night (30).  This afternoon will be spent starching them.  I starch them so they keep that flower shape and you can see the vintage button I will add to the middle without a floppy petal in the way.

Here they are all in a pile.

crocheted flowers

This morning I cut the circles for the button pushpins.  I am making some with non-covered buttons and some with the covered buttons.  I will post that one when it is a bit farther along.

Here is my progress:

  1. Finish brooches
  2. Coffee cozies
  3. Crocheted flower brooches(starch and sew on buttons/pinbacks)
  4. Journals
  5. Totes
  6. Button push pins (make covered buttons and glue to pushpins)

Ah, progress!

Hope your week started well!