I love the various parts of the creative process and how a thought comes to fruition.  Sometimes I start with the items and see where the process takes me.  Then I take the result and place it somewhere I pass many times a day as I decide if I REALLY like it.  To wonder if others will REALLY like it.  Kind of like sticking my toe in the water to test it.  That is sometimes how my creative process works. 

I get inspired by pictures, the colors, great fabric print, other designs, and the work of my bloggy friends and other crafters.  Gladly, I will try anything once.  If I do not enjoy the process it will be the last even if others like it.  Such is the world of my craft.  The items I make are all items I like and would use.  I try to price them reasonably and at a price that I would pay for them.  At times, people say that I don’t charge enough.  There are also times that we tweak the price as we go to move it a bit.  I also listen to the feedback from the people that buy them.  Both of the shops I sell at are good about sharing that feedback. 

Which leads me to my latest WIP.  I made these 4 brooches and really like the leaf shaped one with the leaf and the apple shaped one.  The Hello Kitty was just something fun and a bit more over the top then I normally go.  The other is a scene from a  piece of vintage barkcloth that I thrifted.  What do you think?  Do you like them?  Ideas to tweak them or make them better?

new brooches

If you have not figured it out by now, I LOVE BROOCHES!  I have lots and lots of them and rarely have a jacket that I wear that doesn’t have one pinned to it.  I have vintage ones, sparkly ones, crafty ones, crocheted ones, sterling ones and on and on and on and on.  I am like a moth to the flame with them and they seem to have a gravitational pull to draw me to them.  Do you have anything that you cannot walk passed without buying?

Here are some other WIPS for the holiday season made from felted wool. 



Angels ( I apologize for the pic, I couldn’t get them to come out clear to save my soul!)…


I like somewhat non-traditional colors for the holidays.  It also lets you stretch the life of the item passed the holiday season.

Now let’s get to my mailbox.  Oh, the postman is liking me lately with the packages he is carrying for me! 

The lovely Heidi sent me a pendant that I admired on her blog.  She is a beginning solderer, but you cannot tell by this pendant.  I am bowled over with the way she presented it to me.  She put the dictionary page with the word Hope on it behind the pendant, placed a sweet black ribbon at the top and some gathered orange and black crepe ruffles (you have to take my word for the ruffles as in order to get a close up on the pendant I lost the ruffles in the pic). 

Hope Pendant

If, after checking out her blog, you feel the urge to support a fellow crafter you can buy her items on Etsy here.  I just love her newest sign inspired by her daughter and in the Thanksgiving spirit.  Truthfully, is that not what we ALL do?

 BrendaLea, the fabulous prpldy that I blogged about her flickr pages here, I met via swap-bot and she was the recipient of the second Dotee doll on this post.  She sent me this Dotee that I received today just because.  I love the petals around her face and the vintage fabric.  It is in my fav shades of pink!  Thanks, I LOVE HER!

BrendaLea Dotee

She is a great lady and I am blown away by her handwork.  Did you see this doll in her Flickr photos?  OMG, that would never happen in my lifetime!  I don’t have that much stick-to-it-iveness! 

Lastly, here are some swap items that I sent recently. 

This is my reciprocal for the pendants from Breanna.  I also sent her the brooch at the end of the pendant post.

breanna purse

Look familiar?  It is another version of this bag.  I couldn’t find the cord to match as I would like so inserted some thrifted handles I had instead.  I switched up the fabrics a bit, too. 

Here is the collage I made for Christy for the Sweet Sister Swap.  Like the hyperactive child I am I got so wrapped up in wrapping her pressies that I forgot to take a pic of it all (pun intended).   She promised to blog about it soon.  She has a 5 year old son and is heavily into school party prep and Halloween. 

Christy’s Collage

I used some vintage sheet music, some thrifted paper lace ribbon, some very stiff black felt, polka dot and Halloween ribbon, and Mod Podge.  Note for next time I do this type of thing…matte podge makes it look like the fabric has white pills and satin podge makes them go away!  :O)  Satin podge was my last resort before the redo.  It all worked out okay in the end. 

The musical selection I cut up was called Nocturne, which I believe means night (correct?).  How appropriate!  Too funny that we both sent each other arched cats with crescent moons, huh? 

Whew, that was a long one, huh!  BTW, we got over 2″ of glorious ground drenching rain yesterday and it has been misting all day today and another large storm tomorrow and overnight is predicted.  Never thought I would be excited about dark and dreary skies! 

It is almost the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!