Some days it is really nice to open the mailbox!  I got a few more goodies in the mail today.  It certainly takes away the sting of the bills that were there, too.

First, look what Breanna made for me!  She and I agreed to do a 1:1 swap.  She was feeling a little lacking in the crafty mojo so we agreed to a swap to get her going again.  I sent her one of the pics that I had taken and she made it into a pendant for me.  I LOVE IT!  She also made me the leaf and the scrabble tile necklace with my initials. 

Breanna Items

Here is the picture a bit larger so you can see what a great job she did in reducing it.

red leaf

She also put this on the back of the pendant with my leaf picture.  I need to learn how to do that better!  Thanks again, Breanna! 

As a bit of a teaser, here is a sneak peek of your item which will go out in the mail tomorrow to you.

Sneak Peek

Also, I received my second Dotee Doll from the Swap-bot swap.  Lulu, also from Great Britian, sent this one to me.  I love that she is in my fav colors pink and yellow.  I love the necktie yo-yos on her head, the pocket filled with floss and beads.  I love all about her. 


Also, if you look closely at her “close up” you will see the sweet and delicate stitching that she used to close the doll at the top.   

Thanks, Lulu!  I really like this one! 

Lastly, as I was searching for something I misplaced (story of my life!) I found some drapery trim that I bought on a trip through Middleburg, VA this summer.  If you know anything about the area it is where the wealthiest of the wealthy live.  Robert Duvall has a farm close by, Jack Kent Cooke’s estate is there, John and Jackie Kennedy spent their weekends there.  It is also where Jackie was injured when she fell off a horse shortly before she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s.  It is horse country and home to some of my favorite thrift shopping: the White Elephant and The Second Chance to name a couple.

While I was there they were having a fabric sale.  This was a design company that caters to the rich so the fabrics were luscious.  So luscious that I couldn’t even afford them at 75% off the regular price!  I did find this drapery trim and got 3 yards in 3 different colors.  I saw a brooch in it there and here is the proof it makes a great brooch.


I used some buttons from my vintage button stash, the small locket brooch (which is marked sterling) I found in a 25 cent baggie at the Goodwill among other trinkets, and some green embroidery floss.  I got the inspiration for the floss from Vallen’s bracelets.  While you are there check out her blog and see some of her other crafty endeavors, too. 

All in all a great way to start the weekend, right?  Hope yours was great, too!