Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to 3 pretty new ladies each resplendent in her glittery best…

Ms. Jasmine

Dotee Doll

Princess Plum

Princess Plum

The Petal Pusher

Petal Pusher

These are the dolls I created and embellished for the Dotee Doll swap on Swap-bot.  I think I have gone cross eyed from staring at the tiny beads all day, threading them on the needle and sewing them to the bodies.  I do love how they turned out.  I was most worried about the hair and how to create that.  I think I did fine.  The flower on Princess Plum is one of a pair of crocheted earrings that I thrifted.  I cut the post off of it. 

I am sure that the new owners will most likely rename them, but for now and as I was working on them those are the names that came to me.  The girls will now take a very long trip to the homes of their new owners in IL, CA and TN. 

Secondly, the mail was nice today.  Here is the handmade Halloween postcard from Gypsysong again from my Swap-bot swaps.   

Halloween Postcard

I love the foil touches, the faintest little Boo and the vintage image of the lady all ready for the Halloween Ball.  Too great and thanks, Gypsysong!

There was some more goodness in the mail today.  I received my Ikea bird fabric I won for 99 cents on Ebay from Kilita1.  If you are looking for Ikea fabric this is a great place to find it.  I have bought others and they have arrived quickly and were great fabrics, too. 

Also, I received the fabric squares and the fall scrapbook kit from Vegas Moonpie on Etsy today.  Check out the cute paper, the ribbon wrapped on little wooden spools, the floss, the felt leaves, and the little samples (brad and heart button).  I really love Etsy as all of the sellers wrap the items so it is like a present to open it.  It is that extra touch that makes all of the difference.

Mail Package

Lastly, check out the link to the post below that caused me to spend part of the afternoon today picking up acorn caps in the backyard.  If you know anything about Chester, where I live, you know there are a plethora of oaks in the village.  I guess afternoon was really about 5 minutes. 

Check out this creatively crafty idea on Betz White’s Blog.  She creates fabulous things using wool from thrifted sweaters.  I am thinking about using some fabric to create the acorn part.  Stay tuned this might take a bit to perfect.  Her idea with the wool balls is great and so pretty. 

My challenge to you this week is to bring a bit of nature into your crafting.  It can be real nature as in acorn caps or imagined as in your interpretation of the season.  Leave a comment when your project is completed and let’s all see!