Dotee Doll Supplies

I started my Dotee Dolls for my swap-bot swap.  Here are the fabric, beads, and embellishments for the dolls.  My 3 partners are all a bit different in their likes and dislikes.  Two are relatively similar, but I still want to make the dolls individuals for them. 

Dotee Pieces

I used this tutorial by Dot to create the Dotee Dolls.  Above are the three doll shapes that I cut out in the corresponding fabrics.  Instead of the felt for the back I used less busy fabrics.  The felt circles are where you embroider the faces. 

Dotee Faces

Here they are with their faces all embroidered.  I made their eyes open and used a satin stitch to give the eye color.  I drew pictures of the eyes before I embroidered the colors to be sure where I wanted to place the color.  Wanted to be sure she didn’t end up cross eyed. 

I sewed them together and stuffed them and now all that is left is to embellish them.  That should be fun.  In the tutorial she mentioned that you could embellish them before you sewed them together, but I was not sure how they would “be” once she was all stuffed and sewed so will embellish them after.  I will post the finished product when they are completed. 

On another note, it was HOT here today.  It was over 90 degrees  and it is early October mind you!  They say that tomorrow we should break the record for the high temp.  If I remember, the record is 92 degrees.  I cannot wait for fall and that crispness in the air and the walk through the crunching leaves.  It is one of my favorite times of year! 

Hope the week started off great for you!