But before we announce a brief side trip.  Did you know that Amy Butler had a paper crafts site?  Or that she provided .pdf tutorials for some crafts?  I decided to try my hand at making the paper irises I found here

They were pretty easy to make.  I didn’t have the brads they mentioned so I used fabric buttons.  I then looped floral wire through the shank, crimped it tight and then wrapped it with floral tape.  It made some lovely blooms.

Paper Irises

Here is one a bit closer.

Paper Iris

Now on to the drawing.  I placed all the names in a cup.


And then I picked out the lucky winner.


Heidi of Everyday Cookies!  She will be winging her way to see you soon.  Please send me your address so I can mail it to you. 

Thanks to Vicki W of Field Trips in Fiber, Lara from Thornberry, Zizzybob at Just a Little Zizzy, and Sassy Priscilla for leaving comments, too.  Go check out all of their blogs as they are masters at what they do.