Sweet Sister Swap

I am participating in the Sweet Goodness Holiday Sister Swap.  The last Sweet Goodness swap brought me my new crafty buddy, Kirsten from the Preppy Pink Crocodile.  I am looking forward to getting to know Christy from Mama Said Sew.  This time we will have 3 small swaps over the next 3 holidays-Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  If you have never swapped before I highly encourage it.  Nothing beats it! 

Now to my swap homework assignment: 20 Questions to Get to Know Cindy.

1. Favorite Color: Yellow
2. Chocolate Lover? Milk, Dark, White, or none of the above? Milk, but white chocolate only in cookies with macadamia nuts

3. What is your favorite craft hobby? Little bit of everything, sewing, paper craft (cards, origami, journaling), knitting/crocheting, embroidery, and jewelry making

4. What is a craft/art hobby that you would like to start? Drawing, I bought myself some colored pencils but have yet to start drawing with them. 

5. What craft do you NOT have an interest in or just not great in (so your partner doesn’t send something you wouldn’t use)? Making softies
 6. Do you have any allergies? (we don’t want to send anything with peanuts if it’ll make you blow up like a balloon!) Allergic to nothing
7.What’s your favorite part of Halloween? Decorating, candy eating, costumes, or something else? Definitely the candy eating, but enjoy seeing the costume contest winners especially on the Today 
show.  8. Do you decorate for Thanksgiving/Fall? Only my cubical at work and then minimally.  I live alone and go to a family’s house for Thanksgiving.  All I need is the bird and the stuffing and I drive to it!
9. December Holidays–what holiday do you celebrate? What type of decorations do you like to put up in your house for that holiday? Christmas, white icicle lights in my windows, my Christmas tree is done in all Santas and I pick them up as I travel or whenever I see a cute one.  I try to find area specific ones as I travel, not with the city on it, but with a life preserver at the beach, snowshoes in the mountains, etc.  I don’t like tinsel, garland or multi-color lights. I do love to drive to see the tacky light houses  at the holidays. 

10. Do you have any children, if so what are their ages, boys/girls? No children of my own, but I am an Aunt to 11 and Great Aunt to 4.  I am part of a large family (7) and we range in age from the late 50’s to 43.  I am next to the youngest.

11. Do you have any pets, if so what kind? Only the dust bunnies that live under my bed and,   at times, they flourish!
12. Are you a reader? If so, what type of books do you like? I used to like only biographies and true crime stories, now I read some fiction.  I am funny in that if I am not there by the end of the first chapter, I will not finish the book.  I read the news on-line and craft books mostly now.

13. Are you celebrating a birthday or anniversary in October, November, or December? If so, what day and what is the occasion? I am hoping to start a new job in October.  I was downsized recently and am trying to find another job. 

14. Do you collect anything? If so what type of things do you collect? Caro Nan wicker basket purses.  I also collect jewelry, clothing, and tote bags…LOL!
15. What type of things do you like to cook? Are you an appetizer person, cookie maker, dessert freak or a take out type of person?? I like to make soups and frequently try new combinations, desserts, new recipes, and love any Paula Dean recipe, but I eat those in moderation.  I have been on a chickpea and black bean recipe kick lately.

16. What is your favorite scent? Is there one that you can’t stand? I cannot tolerate most scents.  I wear a lightly scented white tea and ginger lotion from a friend’s shop.  They make it.  As a rule I like musk scents.  Floral scents I cannot tolerate.

17. What’s your favorite song? No clear favorite, but I like anything by Josh Groban, Bette Midler, Tony Bennett, Chris Isaac and my new fav is Bianca Ryan.
  This is the song that won it for her in my mind.  She won 2006’s America’s Got Talent, the 11 year old (yes, I said 11!)little girl with the 40-year old’s voice).
18. What’s the last movie you went to see at the movie theater? The Break-up.  I don’t normally go to the theatre, but watch a lot of DVDs and own a lot of DVDs.  I love comedies, romance, dramas, etc.   My fav Christmas movies that I watch yearly as National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and the original Miracle on 34th Street with Natalie Wood. 

19. What’s your favorite Candy? Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!  I HATE liver, but if you placed it inside a Reese’s peanut butter cup, I would EAT liver! 

20. Tea or Coffee or other? Definitely, tea.  I like raspberry and chai tea lattes.  I recently refused to buy the pre-made mix as it is now over $5 a can and makes about 8 servings.  I bought the Tazo chai liquid (like they use at Starbucks, and the milk to mix my own and followed the label directions and did not like it.  I guess I have to tweak it.  I am going to ask the Starbucks person what is the mix percentage they use.  The package says 50/50, but YUCK!!! 

P.S. I asked at Starbuck’s and that is not the proportions they use.  It is more like 1/4 of the cup for the concentrate, 1/4 for water and the other half milk.  I am going to try that tomorrow morning.    

So there you have 20 more things that you know about me!